Marr's Corbyn interview was a disgrace.

I thought Andrew Marr's interview this morning with Jeremy Corbyn was a disgrace.
Here's someone who is leading the debate by putting housing, social justice and equality right at the heart of our politics.
And how did Marr respond? By asking questions to get answers he hopes will be in tomorrow's Daily Mail.
Why did he ask about Flying Pickets and the Falkland Islands? Are these really the big issues of today?
Forget Deutschland '83 - today's Corbyn interview was more Marr '82.
Jeremy has started a debate about what kind of country we want to live in and what our priorities should be.
All journalists should recognise the public wants to here what Labour's policies are for today. Not hypothetical positions on the issues of yesterday.
So please can TV interviewers put the interests of the public first, not those of newspaper editors.
If Marr wants to make headlines in the Daily Mail he should go and join them.

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