Aiman · @youngbaeGG

16th Jan 2016 from TwitLonger

My plans for Season 3

I would like to announce that I won't be a part of Epsilon in Season 3, I feel that I have done my job as a coach and a friend and have helped them in their success of being World Champions.

First I would like to thank the team (emilitoo, Adapting, Dimi, Yammyn, iRaffer) for giving me the opportunity to coach such a well established team. They gave me a warm, comfortable stay in Epsilon and have been amazing friends. There have been a lot of ups and downs in the team but we all managed to help each other and get through it.

As for what I want to do in season 3 is to be a player, a new season means a new start so I'm looking forward to the future. I will be a free agent from now on.

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