A new chapter

My name is Daniel Rook Wiitanen and as of yesterday I will be coaching Team Paria a UK prem. league of legends team. Not only do I expect us to win qualifiers this split. I am also setting the mark at us making top 4 in the league of 8. I am fully aware of Team Paria's lackluster season in the previous split. I am going to work very hard with our CEO to not only improve the league team but it is also my goal as a former business management major to ensure Team Paria is a growing and prosperous team with resources so in case I ever leave I leave them in a good position. I have a background in sports and esports, I was a athlete growing up and when I hit the age of 19 I stopped and decided to devote more time to esports, with my years of coaching sports and esports I plan to instill a fantastic team environment into team and work 24/7 to ensure the team is prepared and is focused and ready. I also am going to be working with players 1 on 1 outside of practice to make sure their mental sharpness and mindset is tuned properly since we as humans produce chemicals in our brain and can create a chemical imbalance that results in us losing focus. I plan to help make the UK league of legends scene more noticed by others who think of it as a joke or as a smaller league that shouldn't be focused on. I learned a lot from my high school coach in America he taught us to believe in the program and what we do because there is a reason behind it and this is true I want to rally the players around a common goal in order to be on the same page. I am fully aware I am most likely going to be the youngest coach in the UK or pretty much any league at the age of 20 but my age will not limit me. As far as tactics I can not release any of mine I have been working on but I will say this, I watch a ton of LPL and LCK so you might see some really nice cheese at some point. As far as a full roster we will release it after our try out phase coming up soon. Other than that I don't have much to add to this except I will most likely do a AMA on reddit to have some fun with the community and answer and questions (Within reason)

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