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15th Jan 2016 from TwitLonger

This Will Be Edited With Substantiations Of Rightful Infinite Variation

The use of "Max Zorin" is not in
self-appropriation of the name but
in reference to a movie character.

When the natural gatekeepers act through
human interaction, the female accepts based
on all visible behaviors traits and choices
within an environmental dynamic.

Artificially selecting, so as to create
engineered ramps to travel on, or depart on,
risk altering the very core of that
dynamic: the human character, a real mean
within the infinity of dynamics, even if
that's not yet per se identifiable.

We now know there're many flavors of math
level intellect: different degrees of
spatiality, operative in higher thinking,
differing abilities to see differently, from
experience, from the present such as from
whether one's standing or sitting, and
essentially an infinity of inputs reflecting
an infinity of experiential and epigenetic

Economically, it's intensely, even infinitely,

It's instantly simple combining the concepts
in the biologic and the economic.
When the Federal Reserve provided massive
amounts of free liquidity to the large banks
and forced all who SOLD the 2008 bubble
to receive, concomitantly, nominal interest income
on the proceeds from selling the bubble created
by the bankers, the supposed geniuses at those
banks saw their massive failure massive
rewarded while millions who sold the bubble
were shafted.

The following destroyed much of sustenance by
ignoring the meaning of democracy, process
informed, in the manner of going about such


To repeat it in humanity was originally thought
by myself to something-somehow, more or less,
be like imitating the Max Zorin experiment imagined
in the movie A View to a Kill.
Now, it's simply clearer that that is really
what's at stake: creating a sub-population of
Max Zorins just as would people who only see
inequality of birthright. People who'd've pleased
the leaders of arrogance: history's great
brokers of top down economics based on the
belief in inequality.

Editing out disease: good.
Editing in a good trait: good.
Smarts? Good.
That's PRECISELY where the risk of unexpected
effects most risks the creation of the Max Zorin's
of the future, and most risks a far from undersood
mean human character being moved off center.

It'll be reposted with more: more
substantiations, Twitlongers within
Twitlongers, and the like.


...but likely a slightly bit differently from the
person with the well developed mind who's
closer to tone deaf. That's not to say the tone deaf
person's to be seen in any negative way.

Helen Keller was deaf, dumb and blind.

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