Mark Tuley, who was referred to as "Representative #1" in Missouri's NCAA review on Wednesday afternoon, shared with me a note he sent to #Mizzou Director of Athletics Mack Rhoades after the review was made public. Here is the note:

Dear Mr. Rhoades,

I would like to express my sincere apologies, and to a lesser extent regret, on the events that led to current sanctions imposed on the University of Missouri's Basketball Program. The timeline of events was before your tenure, and I can assure you, your view is drastically different than mine. I have never turned over complete corespondents (sic) between the University Compliance Office, the Coaching Staff and myself. I expressed my willingness to do so, and to explain how and why, once rumors came out. Because of the perceived "gag order", and the tone of the Compliance Officer, I had no confidence that the truth mattered to the University of Missouri Compliance Office. Most discrepancies were not only approved by compliance, but suggested. To add to the confusion, the entire coaching staff and the Athletic Director resigned/retired; left standing was the Compliance Office and myself. I have reached out to the Athletic Director two times (before today) since I left the University; the Quinn Snyder firing fiasco and the perceived move/no move to the Big 10. I have never put wins and losses above the integrity of the University. How do I express my outrage without further destroying goodwill and the lingering negative effects on the University of Missouri and myself.

I would appreciate advice on the matter.

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