Some poeple seem confused how I'm making so much from Red and are reporting really low Red returns. Honestly, my channel has been setup to benefit from a system like Red for years. Not on purpose mind you, its just how my content played out and how that affected my average watch times and the age of my audience. Red users tend to be older. Kids don't pay for Red. My main demographic is 25-34 year olds, followed by 18-25. My biggest single region demographic is the US, which is where Red is available right now. My content is on average very long and my average watch times very high in comparison to normal channels. As a result I get higher than average Red returns. In december, the best ad month we had all year. Red made up about 15% of my total revenue. This was a month where I released a lot of long form content, more than average even, since it included a lot of podcasts and The Arbitrary Awards, a show that was over 2 hours. In January, I havent put out many videos yet but so far, the podcast with Jontron has made 35% of its revenue through Red. This is FAR higher than any other podcast, which usually accounts for about 15%. This is because CPM has tanked in January, but Red income is consistent. In conclusion, for my channel, Red has been great and appears to only be getting better. Those wondering if Red is a good way to support the Youtubers they like to watch. I can't speak for any other channel but its helping me quite a bit. Obviously a Twitch sub is of far more value to anyone, but a Twitch sub only supports one channel. Worth bearing in mind. Is Red worth it for the consumer? It has some neat features on mobile such as background viewing and downloads, which I've used. It also gives you access to Youtube music, which is a bonus. It's still not good value for money but its a damn sight more useful and valuable than Twitch Turbo, which gives practically nothing to the channels you watch. So far I'm happy with Red. Hopefully they add more benefits for users and expand the countries it is available in. It's absolutely not something I'd expect everyone to pay for but even a small minority of Red users has already made a huge difference to the channels income and January is only making that more apparent, since its the first really bad CPM month since Red was launched.