Brad Stevens on the decision to leave the team Thursday, and the Celtics' universal support;

"It was not an easy decision, certainly but it was the right one. No question it was the right one. And I just think you make the right decision and you live with whatever you live with. But I’m just thankful [this team] understands the impact of a world outside of basketball. We’re fortunate to be doing what we’re doing. We use words like adversity, we use words like toughness and grit and warrior but this is a game when it’s all said and done. But it’s a meaningful game because it impacts the way people feel. And I think that’s you realize when you’re in Indy for the reason I was, that sports do matter and sports do bring out emotions. And the people that play them bring out emotions. The way Andrew has for the fans at Butler and in Indianapolis. Our guys should just enjoy getting a chance to compete and being representatives of the sport.”

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