CFP: BSPS Conference at Cardiff

BSPS Annual Conference
7–8 July 2016, Cardiff University
Presidential Address
Helen Beebee (Manchester)
Science, Intuition and the Metaphysical Toolbox
Plenary Speakers
Lisa Bortolotti (Birmingham)
What’s positive about positive illusions?
Samir Okasha (Bristol)
Evolutionary Biology, Rationality and Intentional Psychology
Miklos Redei (LSE)
Properties of Bayesian learning based on conditional expectation as a conditioning device
Local organiser: Nicholas Shackel
The BSPS Annual conference immediately precedes the 90th Joint Session of the Aristotelian Society and the Mind Association.
Call for Abstracts
Submissions are invited from anyone with a scholarly interest in the philosophy of science. Submissions from graduate students and underrepresented groups are particularly encouraged. (Graduate bursaries will be available.) Papers may be on any topic within the philosophy of science and should be suitable for presentation in 20 minutes, which will allow 10 minutes discussion. Abstracts should be received no later than Friday 12th February 2016. Abstracts will be anonymously refereed, and successful contributors notified by early April. We do not anticipate being able to share referees' comments.
Submission Instructions
To submit your abstract, go to:
Log in (create an account if you do not already have one)
Select ‘New Submission’ and enter the requested information, including the title of your paper.
Enter your abstract (in plain text, of no more than 1000 words) into the Abstract box.
Please prepare your abstract for anonymous refereeing. Bear in mind that referees will have to reach a judgement based only the information provided in the abstract.
Please select the topic (or topics) that best describe the area of your submission.
Finally, select ‘Submit’.
For more information please email: <>.
PLEASE NOTE: attendance at the conference is restricted to members of the BSPS. You may join the Society online here.
Accessibility Information
The conference will take place in the Julian Hodge Building and the John Percival Building. Accessibility information about these venues is available from:
The conference accommodation will be in Aberdare Hall and Colum Hall. Information about these venues is available from:
Please email <> if you are not sure whether your own specific requirements are covered by the above information.
After 1 April 2016, Cardiff University nursery will permit bookings by conference delegates. If you need more information, please contact <>.

About The Society
The purpose of the Society is to study the logic, the methods, and the philosophy of science, as well as those of the various special sciences, including the social sciences. The Society holds an annual conference with invited speakers and contributed papers, as well as ordinary meetings running throughout the year at which invited speakers present a paper. The Society makes small grants to support conferences relevant to research and education in its areas of study, awards an annual doctoral studentship for doctoral work in philosophy of science in a UK university and The British Journal for the Philosophy of Science is published on our behalf by Oxford University Press. Visit for more information.

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