Looking for new home for 2016

First off I wanted to go ahead and thank Method for everything they have done for us. From the very beginning they have been upfront and honest with anything that has been discussed. Over the last few months we've had multiple roster changes and Method has supported us with every move we've decided to do.

Over the last couple of weeks we have had multiple meetings with management and both parties have agreed to allow us to sell our contracts. With that being said, a little update with our team. We're going to only be taking two players to whichever organization we decide to join. Davey has decided to step down and is currently in the process of being transferred to another pro team and we decided to part ways with Toy.

As of now, our lineup for 2016 will built around Just9n and I. Theres a few players other players were going to be working with that can be mentioned privately.

I can be contacted by twitter of course, @SileNtCSGO or email me at: sammy.rey123@gmail.com

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