Other things I have tweeted about Sanders:

I think the best way to prevent a Clinton Presidency is to get Bernie nominated in the Democratic Primary. And note that Bernie performs BETTER than Hillary when running against Trump: https://youtu.be/CzpNqX0IHj4

That being said, what I am talking about is the PRIMARY. We can decide what to do after that because as I have tweeted before, even though Sanders is better than Hillary and Trump, there are still problems with Sanders:





What I am talking about is tactical strategy to knock Hillary out of the running by voting in the Democratic Primary for Sanders. I don't see how anyone can argue against that. Don't sit on the sidelines, USE the Democratic Primary. (the powers that be clearly don't want you to do so): https://youtu.be/CzpNqX0IHj4

The powers that be love pushing the manipulative suggestion that there is only the general election to participate in. In the past I vote in the Democratic Primary and then for the Green Party in the general election. See me voting in this video: https://goo.gl/5qsvSf

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