Matt Heußer · @mheusser

4th Jan 2016 from TwitLonger

On Thinking

My friend @testingcurator recently asked me about the one most important tester skill. As curiosity is not a skill, it's more of an attribute, I'd have to go with traditional liberal arts/classical thinking as a skill. That is to say, if I can automate Virtual Machines and Cloud-Based infrastructure, but I can not think, the I am wasting my time. If I can drive selenium and write code in ruby and python, but I can not think, I am wasting investment dollars and creating false confidence. If I donate all my code to open source, give speeches at the best events, and have my name appear in lights, but can not think, then I have donated nothing of value to the community, my company, or my projects. (With apologies to Paul of Tarsis, the ancient writer and Catholic Saint who used similar wording in his letter to the Corinthians, speaking of Charity as the primary virtue.)

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