How many buckets would your users have filled this year?

So a week ago a user asked me the following " How many buckets would your users have filled this year?"

Well if I were to assume the following

1) The users were average male
2) Every time a male user came to the site he ejaculated at least once
3) The bucket was an average 5 Gallon Bucket

The numbers would come to the following

This year we had 3,195,050 sessions.

As per our analytics page, 86% of the users were Male.

So 86% of 3,195,050 is 2,747,743

If each time a male user ejaculated, they ejaculated the average volume of 3.7ml (My search history will never be the same after looking for this number) that would make an astounding 10,166,649.1 ml

If I take that number and convert it to gallons (1 Gallon : 3785.41 ml) I come out to 2685.744558352 gallons. If I divide that into 5 gallon buckets I would fill 537 buckets to the brim, a water bottle, and a heavy duty paper towel...

I did research on female ejaculation as well but unfortunately I could not come to a conclusive mean for the amount that could potentially be released through orgasm... It could be from 1ml all the way to a bladder full... I apologize for not conducting further research.

If anyone wants to clear up any discrepancies with my numbers, I would love to see it. If you need further information I am willing to provide any.

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