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2nd Jan 2016 from TwitLonger

The rise and fall of vinnie in smash 4

2015 was a big year for me, both in great and terrible ways. It started out in January, where I was juggling school and smash. I was under performing in smash and couldn't focus in school. I took off of school to pursue smash. I saved up enough money at my job (~$1.2k) to pursue my dream of becoming an amazing smash 4 player. I booked several plane tickets for a several month smash vacation/bootcamp type of thing, after CEO, spanning past EVO to Smash con.

On February 8th, my birthday, I was driving my friend minty home. I was going 35-40mph and it was a typcal night. Suddenly, I noticed someone crossing the street. I slow down and let them go. I start to speed up again when they crossed, but then they jumped back into the street, in front of my car. Seemingly to kill themself or something. Cops came and told me I might go to jail if he has any internal bleeding. Eventually they found out that he just robbed a restaurant, and was either going crazy, or was trying to make a distraction. He ended up being ok and going to jail for robbing the restaurant. But this was definitely something scarring.

Fast forward to the summer, I lost my best friend who was the reason I played smash 4 and sheik. But that's a different subject.

Eventually I missed smash con (had to waste 400 to 500 bux plane tickets, cuz I missed registration by 45 mins.

I stayed on the wc, got noticed in general after my performance at pax prime. I got offers to fly to michigan, georgia, and mexico for free.

In mexico, I'm sure everyone knows what happened. They told me to put my luggage in the trunk of their car. Later on, it got broken into and I lost everything I owned, in a foreign country in mexico for the first time, including my passport and the clothes I was going to wear, among other expensive items.

Luckily, the community donated everything back to me, over 1k raised in 24 hours. I was so grateful and still am.

However, I lost a lot of friends and acquaintances that weekend. I was acting emotional because I was... I was emotional and scared. Some of my friends and acquaintances that I've known for years made it a point to make me feel bad about this situation, figuratively pointing fingers at me, yelling and laughing. I've been bullied through childhood because of the birthmark on my face, so I know how to brush things off well. But when I have known figures in the community jumping to conclusions and teasing me about something horrific happening to me, while I have random people messaging me, making fun of me and literally telling me to get cancer... you can only brush off so much.

When I got home from mexico, I was distraught. I enrolled in therapy and did a lot of relaxing, taking a break from smash, hanging with friends. I was getting better. I was so happy when I went to the store to replace people's money that they gave out of the kindness of their heart.

Come today, the same thing has happened, but I'm not in a foreign country without a passport, and it's only about a $600 loss, compared to the $1,100+ loss in mexico. The clothes I bought after mexico were actually the ones I just lost, and some of the only clothes I have. Not only this, but I probably don't have enough money to live on the wc for the next 2 weeks before genesis 3 (my initial plan), as I have to replace everything I lost. Also, my controller was in my bag, so I have to attend ANOTHER big tourney without my controller (like in mexico), which hurts me so much.

But honestly that's not the worst part. The worst part of all is the hate I'm receiving. People like Ally and Dabuz are making a comedic skit out of this, like it's something to be laughed at. Their fans are following suit, for example "I love you ally, vinnie is a burn face". I don't understand why it's a big celebration or time to insult me or make me feel when I'm down (emotionally and hundreds of dollars worth).

Due to so many things happening this last year, I'm resigning from competitive smash 4. It's proven that I can't handle when life throws all these things at me, + people trying to kick me when I'm down. I did nothing to deserve that and I don't want to stay in a community like this. I also can't handle the anxiety of losing all of my belongings at the same time anymore, or when people target me in big numbers for no reason.

I might quit before genesis, and just show up for fun. Health comes first so that's what I'm choosing.

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