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22nd Dec 2015 from TwitLonger

My goals and reasons for what I do, when I do it.

To start off I am not currently affiliated with any group or sec of Anonymous, just so those of you are aware.

What do I do, and why?

1: Take down any zone / website / Dns Servers / Hosts that provide.
A1 Reasons: If the #target I've claimed was: Routing Connection via NameServers, Hosting content for my target or providing Protection for my target.
A2: My Targets are generally #ISIS or #PRO-ISIS Hosts, NameServers or Domains.

-By use of powerful DDoS attacks

To date I have completely, by myself, taken out Syrias DNS servers, Saudi Arabia's DNS servers (32% of them) Hundreds of websites, thousands of times and contacted Host/Domain providers to remove these cancers from the internet.

2: To take down servers attacking non-malicious or what is considered to be "passive or an OK service, like XBOX or PSN or say Servers for, for example, - These do nothing wrong in my eyes

A1: I will target the attacker IP and destroy the server which is attacking said services when I see it.

There's more, sure, but - at this time I'd rather not really post much more, it all revolves around DDoS.

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