A message from Team Updog

Hello everyone! Layla Bell from Elysium's "Team Updog" here. I hope you all are having a wonderful holiday. We have been enjoying some time off this Winter and have found ourselves exploring all sorts of new ventures both in and out of gaming. I myself have been enjoying the Street Fighter V Beta. I am looking forward to its full release soon!

Today, I thought it would be appropriate to take some time to detail the future of our team and some of its plans going forward. It is with a slightly heavy heart that I announce Updog, after over a year of raiding together, will no longer be participating in Final Fantasy raiding. Over the last two years, FFXIV has brought us many fantastic experiences that we will not soon forget. Many of them have led to lasting friendships and relationships.

In September of 2014, our team united like-minded individuals to achieve a common goal. As a static, we accumulated four major world firsts and five major world seconds. We choose not to leave these memories behind, but rather take them with us.

The decision to disband our team stems only from the collective desire to pursue other opportunities in life. We are grateful and thrilled to have been afforded the opportunity to play together for as long as we have. It is rare for a group of young adults to have the freedom to pursue such a hobby. We thank our families, friends, and employers for allowing us this opportunity. Furthermore, we would like to thank the community for the support we received throughout Second Coil of Bahamut (Savage), Final Coil of Bahamut, and Alexander: Gordias (Savage). Our static was not comprised of eight players but instead made up of dozens of supporters to this end. We encourage readers to continue to raid for the love and enjoyment of it.

Elysium will continue to move forward into patch 3.2 with its goals intact. In our place, we leave strong teams that now have the experience and guidance to enter the world stage. Please continue to support Elysium and any remaining Updog members as we prepare for the future!

We would like to use the remainder of this announcement to write to a few key groups of individuals.

To Blue Garter: Your success in the First and Second Coils of Bahamut was a driving force for the formation of our static. Your dedication as players motivated us to chase you. We wish your FC continued success in the future!

To Lucrezia: The Gary to our Ash. The Ash to our Gary. Thank you for being the reason we logged in each day. Our intercontinental rivalry was some of the most fun we have had in FFXIV. You are a very talented group of players and we are fortunate to have raced against you for two content tiers. I am sorry that we must end our rivalry on a tie (4-4). Though, in some ways, it seems slightly fitting... Don't you think? We hope that you continue to enjoy the game for the same reasons we did. If ever the opportunity arises, we hope to share a beer with you!

To Square Enix: My teammates and FC have been some of my best friends for the better part of two years. Thank you for giving me a platform to meet them. Without you, there is no "we."

And finally, to you, the readers: Thank you for giving life to the game we love.

Until next time!

Team Updog
Elysium «EM»

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