My official word on my Labour Membership

Today I received written confirmation from the Labour Party informing me that my membership has been terminated. I will be lodging an appeal on Monday.

Having thought about this matter, I accept that I used clumsy and inappropriate wording concerning the Jewish heritage of Tesco and M&S by mentioning Jewish blood and my comments about Blairites being purged for disloyalty to Jeremy Corbyn.

It was not my intention to cause any offence or distress and I apologise to anyone who have been affected, and I also apologise to the Labour Party. I will request to have a statement released by the Labour Press Office and to talk to Labour Friends of Israel.

I have supported Labour since I was first eligible to vote in 1996 and I joined the Party last year because I wanted to make a difference. Anyone who knows me will tell you that I am not racist nor am I antisemitic, I condemn all forms of racism and bigotry which is why I am so vocal about it.

Yes, I made some stupid and inappropriate comments. Yes, I accept that people are offended. Yes, I accept that some people will not forgive me. Yes, accept that people will be celebrating at this until New Year's Day. But whether I rejoin Labour or not, I will continue my campaign for social justice, disability rights and equality. I also want people to remain loyal to Jeremy Corbyn and continue fighting the Conservative Party alongside him. Stand in solidarity because Jeremy needs you.

I have been overwhelmed with support and kind messages - thank you. Whatever happens, I will still continue to support Jeremy Corbyn, Momentum and this wonderful new left-wing movement in any capacity I can.

With warm regards,

Scott Nelson

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