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151219 - Kim Dong Wan's Facebook Post

For whatever reason, regardless of where it started, I sincerely apologize for any sexual harassment remarks towards juniors from any accounts related to the names of Shinhwa and Shinhwa Changjo.
I hope that Shinhwa Changjos can also treat junior fandoms with respect so that something like this does not happen in the future again.

At this point, my sentiments are not that much different from those of GOD's Joonhyung hyung, Fin.K.L's Joohyun, and Sechs Kies' Jiwon hyung. Now, we should concede a lot to our juniors, and support and encourage them to grow well. On the premise that they won't be lazy in their own activities, it's time that we pass on the benefits that we received to them. Shinhwa is now at the position, where we should be more used to giving than receiving.

Orange is not just our color. Not just orange, but all the colors of the world cannot be owned by someone. It's just that if you are someone's fan or an artist that has a large fandom, there is an "unspoken rule," one you have no choice but knowing, that we all have been protecting between us. I don't want all of us to become a laughingstock due to the possessiveness of something that cannot be possessed.

However, there is one thing, one part that I cannot realistically overlook.

Shinhwa will be promoting next year.
After not having many year-end promotions, Shinhwa has naturally grown far from award shows and special year-end stages.
And it is such a wonderful thing to have a grand ending, standing shoulder-to-shoulder with all the artists, who showed great promotions that year, as well as the numerous fandoms.

So next year, Shinhwa is planning on not just having promotions in the second half of the year, but also stages at year-end ceremonies with Shinhwa Changjos. Following Shinhwa's 2012 "the return" album, it will be a promotion period with the most stages. Naturally, we will be with lots of juniors and lots of fandoms.

Compared to the promotion periods of many juniors, who are shining brightly with overflowing energy, Shinhwa's promotion periods aren't long.
Shinhwa and Shinhwa Changjos must spend this not-so-long periods powerfully and passionately. During a time that's meant for each other, I have an earnest heart that there won't be any kind of obstacles in the way.

Whenever juniors mention Shinhwa as respectable seniors or say they dream of becoming Shinhwa, I am very grateful and think that we endured it well.

We don't wish for your respect. We only wish for respect towards a number of things that we've protected for a very long time as we promoted. And those are Shinhwa, Shinhwa Changjo, and the orange sea that Shinhwa sees from the stage.

The respect directed towards us will return to you and the heroes on top of that stage that you love so much.

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