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16th Dec 2015 from TwitLonger

Star Wars spoiler bot

Not going to go into huge detail, same thing as the Fallout 4 spoiler bot, but for Star Wars spoilers now.

I'll just get to the few details.

THIS IS AN EXTREMELY SENSITIVE BOT. I'm expecting most to be false positives. This isn't like Fallout where the giant spoiler can be put into 1 line of text. I'm also having it purge anything that can remotely be a spoiler, even if it isn't a spoiler. I spent 2 hours trying to come up with an if block for this, regex couldn't cut it, so I'm going an insanely lazy way of matching until I possibly find a better way, which, idk lol.

Since it's extremely sensitive and will hit tons of people falsely, it will only purge. Not doing timeouts.

Bot will post a storm trooper after any message it purges.

If it crashes, you suddenly stop seeing it show up in your channel, make it rejoin. I'm hosting this on my desktop still and unlike before I'm not going on vacation, I'm doing the exact opposite and working a ton during the Holidays, so if there's a giant snow/ice storm that knocks out my power, rip in pepperonis.

Probably will run this for 2 weeks.

Still no leave command, if you want it to stop banning, unmod it, if you want it to stop posting storm troopers, ban it.

There's a donation link on the bots channel, not saying "hey donate" but... holidays and all, this is free, won't get you any bit of extra features at all, but it's there, just saying.

Have fun, DM's are open so if you see an absolutely crazy misfire or it missing something send them my way.

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