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14th Dec 2015 from TwitLonger

Epsilon and I

So there's a lot for me to say here, but I'll try to keep this short and sweet. As many of you know Epsilon XB1 team lost to Eager pretty heavily at LAN. Some of us really got disheartened by the loss and did not take into account some things.

First, Eager is a very good team (IMO the best on xbox) they synergize, they know their shit, and their mechanics are fire. They have a lot going for them. So facing the #1 seed at LAN first round the cards are not going to be in our favor.
Second, our practice in the weeks coming up to LAN was minimal. It was by far the weakest two weeks of practice for our team. We barely scrimmed, nobody wanted to play, and issue after issue just kept coming up. We went into LAN feeling and looking very rough.

Now coming off of the first round loss from LAN things have been extremely different for the team. Nobody is talking and it seems nobody cares about trying to go to OB. Some of our players won't even respond to DM, text or phone call. There is a lot of blame going around. The reasons we lost at LAN I stated above, it was mainly our fault as a team with the minimal practice, however blame and roster changes (for the second time this season) are being brought up. I know that multiple positions could possibly change. But what good will that do if nobody practices. To caveat off of this, there are people on the team that I still like, but as far as I'm concerned, do not ever let mystx near your team. I've stuck up for the guy when nobody else did, but he has proven to me time and time again that he cannot coach, and he cannot play. Is it low to throw this out there? Yes, I'll admit it, it's pretty low. But that warning coming from me hopefully means something to people. I am going to throw no blame towards anyone on the team and wish them the best if they stick around together. But as of right now I am pretty positive that this team will die. I am very disappointed with the outcome of this. I am here to Smite and not play the scheme game.

As far as this season of competitive Smite goes I will be practicing and playing with friends with minimal desire to compete again this season. I will happily sub for my friends of other teams. I am now a F/A for this season. I enjoyed a good bit of my stay with the players of Epsilon and wish you guys the best yet again.

If anyone has a question or would like to talk just tweet or DM me.

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