( eng trans ) Big Hit Entertainment apology re: Season's Greetings 2016 video

Hello, this is BTS' company Big Hit Entertainment.

We sincerely apologize for having given the fans anxiety through the '2016 BTS Season's Greetings DVD Making' video. Big Hit Entertainment completely prohibits any coercive actions that may cause the company artists to be unable to freely exercise their capabilities and energies. However, we must take responsibility both for the problematic action that arose, and for the fact that such a scene was included in a video that had so much meaning for the fans.

The manager in question has acknowledged his mistake, and has been summarily dismissed from his position. The supervisors have also been asked to take responsibility.

To make sure that a problem like this never again arises, we will make efforts to strengthen the internal control system of the company. In addition to this issue, we will also check through all of the similar cases that have been revealed online. Additionally, in the future should this situation recur, we will take strong action without regard to the position of the person in question.

Big Hit Entertainment considers this to be a serious problem that has shaken the principles of the company.

With heavy hearts, we are looking backwards to ensure that we have not overlooked the reasons for which we do this work. We will use this as an occasion to strengthen our most important principle, which is 'respect for and faith in our artists.'

Once again, we deeply apologize to the fans who give BTS so much love.

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