No more sub only :) - Rules and direction for the channel and chat

We opened up chat for good yesterday and I feel great about it, I realized I should probably clarify what that means for the channel and chat. I have over my career had the infamous reputation for being a real hard-ass about my chat rules to maintain a standard of excellence and positivity in the chat room. I did this because having a positive environment is really important to me - the end result was successful.

Moving forward there really isn't the need for micromanagement or the level of strictness there was before, however a few ideals are important to adhere to.

1. No sexual humor.

- It isn't funny and it is a dangerous slope, someone always takes it farther... and then too far. This is the only real rule that will be enforced by timeouts on my channel.

2. Focus on the positive, not the negative.

-In order for a inflammatory comment or troll to be effective it takes two parties. Acknowledging someone that has the sole purpose of getting a reaction only furthers the problem. This would include calling for a time out or calling someone not dapper etc, there just isn't a need for it. 99.9% of chat lines are a positive experience, don't become part of the .1% by feeding. I'll be focusing on the positive comments and responding to those, I encourage you to do the same :)

3. Respect all broadcasters and their communities.

- This is simple, don't talk negatively about other people or communities in general. There isn't a place for it on my channel. Broadcasters are people that work extremely hard to produce their unique content. If you don't like someone that is fine, just don't support their content!


That is it, I look forward to focusing on the overwhelming amount of positive people and comments in the chat. Bad things will happen of course but it is my choice to focus on the good, good things are coming!


Matt a.k.a. LethalFrag

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