KeSPA halts association support for Anarchy... reason is streaming contract

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League of Legends pro team 'Rebels Anarchy' are in a state of crisis ahead of the coming season.

Semi-professional LOL team Anarchy has joined the professional ranks of the LCK through last year's 2015 Challengers Korea Promotions.

Anarchy has gained popularity around good performances around 'Mickey' Son Young-min and 'Lira' Nam Tae-yoo. KeSPA shortly decided to commit to the management of the sponsorless Anarchy and offered support involving a team house and a coaching staff so that the Anarchy players did not experience any problems with participating in the league.

However, it has been confirmed that KeSPA has recently halted all association-related support for Anarchy. The Anarchy players that are not being provided a team house are currently practicing in their own homes, and commissioner Lee Jae-gyun of the *Association Match Organizational Committee who served as the Anarchy manager has officially discontinued his relation to the team.

The reason behind the termination of association support for Anarchy seems to be the anarchy players' streaming contracts. The Anarchy players that have decided to use AfreecaTV for their personal streams in the following season, and KeSPA, who has a streaming contract with AzubuTV-LongzhuTV, has announced that it has become difficult for them to continue their support for Anarchy.

'Mickey' Son Young-min confirmed these facts saying, "We wanted to have the freedom to select our own streaming platforms in a situation where we couldn't just sit here waiting for sponsors. It is true that the Anarchy players have been streaming on AfreecaTV and plan to do so."

Meanwhile Anarchy is still guaranteed participation in the LCK as well as the minimum salary. Teams that participate in the LCK are considered professional teams and are allowed a minimum salary from Riot Games. However, the players are in desperate need of finding a new sponsor in order to solve the housing and practice environment issue. 'Mickey' Son Young-min who currently achieved rank 1 in solo queue has changed his Summoner Name from 'Mickeygod' to 'Please Sponsor Anarchy'

Fomos writer Kang Yeong-hoon

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