I was advised to be silent but I can't stand it anymore. @RLewisReports strangled @LodaBerg and I was the one who with force stopped Richard so he wouldn't deeply injure Loda, or worse. I don't know what would have happened if I wasn't there.

I came down and saw Richard and Kelly having a huge verbal dispute. I took the position between the two and when Kelly walked off I tried to calm Richard down and advised him to let this go as it wasn't worth it.

While talking to Richard, Loda pops up without me really being able to react. Loda didn't touch Lewis but aggressively approached Richard. There was a fast and aggressive conversation where Loda said "I'm here, yes it's me". Suddenly Richard attacked Loda and started to strangle him.

Who strangles another when threatened? That's beyond me! It wasn't like Richard tried to push Loda away and accidentally hit his throat. No, Richard grabbed Lodas throat with both hands and pushed him backwards towards the ground while strangling what to me looked very hard.

I grabbed Richard and pulled him through the door. I was upset and sad that he had fucked up the situation so badly as I had tried to calm him down. This story was given as a witness to the police on site.

Later on DreamHack staff was able to get both parties to agree to settle this and move on. Loda wanted a guarantee that Richard wouldn't spin this online which they both eventually agreed on.

Since then Richard have according to me, spinned this as much as he can in all direction to try to become the victim and to bait people like me to overstep and react.

Here is the truth from someone who witnessed this from a 1 meter distance and had to act with civil courage and wanted to settle this to move on without this being a public circus and popularity contest.

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