This a clarification for something I stated publicly while discussing things with Fred (@TIHYDP). I was talking to @KingjadVCMP in a public chat last night and he brought up me mentioning Fred calling me a cunt. He said that I mentioned it happening on skype, and I didn't remember mentioning specifically where it happened. I mentioned talking to Fred on skype, and mentioned being called a cunt in a completely different tweet.

The tweets were in the same chain, so you could try combining them together, but it doesn't change the reality that I never made the statement "he called me a cunt on skype". This has been used as a defense to try and ignore anything that I say, so I thought it would be good to clarify it.

I apologize to Fred if he took what I said as an attack on his character, and I'm sorry if anyone misread the tweet and thought I said it was on skype. I will link images of both my original tweet and what Fred said that I was referring to.

- My (Sam's) original tweet -
- Fred's tweet I was referring to -

I said that in response to him saying "I never insulted you". I never once mentioned it being on skype.

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