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28th Nov 2015 from TwitLonger

dCypher Roster Changes Season 3

Although we recently won the recent Challengers Cup, as a team we felt moving into Season 3 for the SPL relegations we needed to make some important changes to the roster. We had a lot of issues with time zones for scrims with both ‘ThePikachu’ and ‘JustLofes’ due to the time zones and how busy they were in real life. We decided to make some important changes due to this issue as have decided to remove ‘ThePikachu’ and ‘JustLofes’ from the main roster. JustLofes will be staying with us to assist us with drafts and to help with the coaching of the team. We also decided to remove our sub ‘Lace’ due to complications with the team.

To fulfil these missing roles within our roster we have made the decision to pick up ‘Duck3y’ for the Solo position and ‘FleuryQ’ for the Jungle positon.We believe with the addition of these players we will be able to practice a lot more and be ready for the SPL relegations that will happen early next year. We wish ‘ThePikachu’ and ‘Lace’ the best of luck within the SMITE competitive scene!

TheBushyyy - Captain, ADC ( )
FleuryQ - Jungle ( )
Duck3y - Solo ( )
BigManTingz - Support ( )
Darzer - Mid ( )
JustLofes - Coach/Analyst ( )
TheSlick - Manager ( )

dCypher eSports Captain, TheBushyyy

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