Elevate PC roster

So I guess it was 'kind of' leaked that the team disbanded and I just wanted to shed a bit of light on that situation for those curious. I will try and be as transparent as possible, but I wont say why some decision were made, because I'm not here to throw anyone under a bus as that does nothing for me, them, or the Org.

So at the end of the split the team, I and the org decided we no longer wanted to work with Mytherea. With that in mind we decided we wanted to move forward and build a team in the coming months around Adur0, Vess, Metyankey. Everyone was cool with that, we had a few people in mind for Jungle/Solo, but that kind of fell through at the time, whatever. We have a few months before we need anything solidified.

A few weeks ago, Vess decided he no longer wanted to be apart of the team, or competitive smite anymore. Which is unfortunate because a lot of the top players see him as being a top 3 ADC if he continued to play, and was serious about improving his weak points.

Because Vess decided to step down, Metyankey pretty much followed suit and didnt want to play with any other ADC, as he enjoyed playing with Vess. With 2/3 of the core that we were planning to build the team around stepping down, the Org decided it was best just to release everyone, and go back to the drawing board. As of now, we're planning to stay in the Smite PC scene, with a few available options/ideas of what we're going to do for relegation, and on into the future.

Nothing is set in stone, and I'll be continuing to work with the Xbox side of things for at least the next 2 months. Once worlds is over, and rosterpocalypse settles down a bit, we'll make our final decisions on all of that.

I wish all the players the best of luck, those that choose to stick around and continue to improve will definitely find themselves back on an SPL team without a doubt.

~disclaimer~ I do not speak on behalf of the org, any and everything said here is from my side of how the events went down.

TL:DR - Team disbanded/were released, planning to stay in the PC scene with a new roster going forward.

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