Hey everyone, and welcome to my last 24 hours.

So, yesterday a tweet from Play Asia caught my eye.

@playasia #DOAX3 will not be coming to the US due to #SJW nonsense. However, we will have the English Asia version available: http://par.bz/87f

"OH SNAP," I thought. "Stuff is about to go DOWN on the 'net. Someone's getting a scolding from HR."

So, I tweeted the following (which you can fact-check, there are several dozen people screenshotting everything from my timeline, pretty sure everything from my cat photos to crappy Fallout memes is now somewhere on the internet):

@Arumi_Kai Hi there, @playasia. It looks like your social media department could use some pointers.

@Arumi_kai I know many people with industry connections to @playasia who will be re-assessing and examining their contracts/agreements shortly.

Immediately I started getting tweets from people, usually involving the words "bullying", "you hate video games", "YOU ARE PRO CENSORSHIP", and some that just said stuff like "cunt" over and over, or "your parents should have re-assessed their pregnancy with you".

Aaand now we get to talk about context in 140 characters.

Here is how I probably should have worded that tweet.

"I know that many people with industry connections to @playasia will be re-assessing and examining their contracts/agreements shortly."

Dear lord, the difference two words can make. I've done enough PR stuff to know when something's about to set the internet on fire. I was making a statement predicting the coming shitstorm, which usually happens when a company tweets/says something that isn't strictly PC or within PR standards. "I can probably guess what kind of panicked emails/phone convos are happening right now", would have been a better paraphrase. As the internet made exceedingly clear, my wording wasn't great, and could be misinterpreted.

I WAS NOT MAKING A THREAT. I have no reason to want Play Asia to perish in a garbage fire of internet flames. Without them, I never would have gotten my MewTwo or Ness amiibos (cue tweetstorm lol-ing at me for my amiibo addiction, or hunting down my posts in /r/amiibo). I do not care about DOA boob physics. (If I did, it would probably be out of jealousy, since my own boob physics are no longer OP. )

But then -- chan trolls doxxed me (several times, from several accounts), saying stuff like, "You shouldn't have messed with #GamerGate, cunt". I assume this was to make me think the doxxing was from GamerGate, and ignite some sort of flame war (for the lulz, I guess? Because that's how baphonet works). Fortunately, I've been keeping an eye on all chan stuff recently (due to events I'll gladly tell you about if you ask, but which aren't worth saying here). I'll also add that I learned GamerGate has a "harassment patrol" to shut down chan trolls, who actually helped me report the burner accounts that kept popping up posting my dox.

The doxxing did mean I had to nuke all my accounts and was a good reminder to double check security stuff. It also means I'll be semi-quiet for a bit.

And yes, I have seen Sword Art Online three times (a fact which is apparently getting near as much coverage as my tweet to Play Asia). My brain hasn't exploded. This is probably because I absorb energy via photosynthesis through my skin.

Anyway, if you want to start over - Hi, I'm Carolyn/Arumi. I play a lot of MMORPGs, run Shadow Priest in WoW, play Terran in Starcraft and died about 30 times in Dark Souls. Recently I finished my second playthrough of Dragon Age: Inquisition, and am currently playing a lot of Hearthstone until I abandon all semblance of social life to delve into Fallout 4. I read a lot of manga, everything from dorky magical girl shoujo to Berserk. I'm supposed to be an adult, but I'm pretty bad at it. Sometimes I say stuff on the internet. Let's play some games sometime.

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