Dear Mr Booth

Dear Mr Booth ....

I welcomed your response to the recent criticism of Exaro but feel you’re not fully aware of the situation. Your answer to Q10 states “I have since looked on the Exaro website and seen that Fay has occasionally been quoted, talking on the general subject of VIP child abuse. From my reading of the site, Exaro has not placed any great importance on him.”
I’m afraid that’s not correct. For 18 months the majority of Exaro stories were about Elm Guest House and/or Leon Brittan based on information from Chris Fay. Even after Mark Watts had dismissed a story (female MP) coming from Fay/David (Panorama name) Exaro continued to publish their claims. (Brittan in Amsterdam & Dover Customs seizure) At that time Watts was aware that much of Fay’s ‘evidence’ in the Elm documents was also false.

Your answer to Q3 says “I have seen from the website that an Exaro journalist went to Thornham Magna some time ago to investigate “Darren’s” claims about what happened there. I am not aware that there has been a Police investigation into this allegation and neither, according to Mark, are any members of the Exaro team”. Mark appears to be giving a misleading impression when this was published on the 7th September “Exaro can reveal that Suffolk police have interviewed half a dozen suspects under caution as part of their investigation into Darren’s claims.” I accept it’s difficult for you to know the truth about Darren’s past without knowing his real name, may I suggest it’s time you asked Mark? I assure you he knows a lot about Darren as many of us do, he is a dangerous & deluded individual & Suffolk police rightly dismissed him as such.

The desperation & bending of truth to suggest the police are taking flimsy claims seriously is a recurring theme. I expect you’re aware that Jane’s allegations against Leon Brittan were ‘not made out’ - Even if true, under the law in 1967 her statement didn’t constitute a crime, investigation closed before it began. Another story on 10th February 2015 was from a businessman called Clive Harrington. In 1989 Clive ‘then the owner of a successful insurance company’ claims he told Bernard Weatherill & other unnamed dinner guests that Leon Brittan was a paedophile. He says he went from a millionaire driving a brand new Ferrari to a ‘tramp’ in a few years because of this outburst. In the 7 months Exaro were working on this story are we meant to believe no one googled him to check?
CLIVE LEONARD BALLARD aka Clive Harrington. - ‘Company Investigations of the Insolvency Service uncovered a string of lies, forged signatures and missing paperwork’ - ‘The link between the companies is Mr Ballard and his wife’ There’s a link below to the ownership record of the Ferrari, bought by Ballard via a company that wasn’t incorporated until a month later, produced 1 set of accounts in 1987 with dissolution following soon after. Interestingly, when the car next changed owner 31st October 1987 it was sold by the company (Modena Engineering) who Ballard purchased it from, suggesting repossession being more likely than Clive’s tale of woe on Exaro. Anyway, he didn’t own it in 1989, the story is false & would you buy a used car from this man?

There are legitimate reasons to doubt the statements of 8 people which make up 90% of Exaro’s output. I have named Fay, Panorama’s David, Darren, Jane & Ballard. The other 3 are Esther, Nick & Richard Kerr. I won’t go into detail about them because apparently there’s still some sort of investigation going on even though the evidence their cases aren’t likely to proceed much further is already in the public domain. In some cases they are vulnerable survivors of sexual abuse whose statements appear to have been ‘sexed up’ after contact with Exaro and/or Fay. I could write a lot about the damage Exaro are doing by giving so much ammunition to those trying to shut down abuse enquiries & portray all campaigners as conspiracy theorists.

Like most others I started out supporting Exaro but have grown increasingly angry at Mark Watts refusal to answer reasonable questions or heed warnings about some sources. Constantly implying those who question are paedos & their apologists is deeply hurtful to many who are survivors themselves & it leaves Exaro’s stable of witnesses alone on twitter to face the hostility. The pack of anonymous cheerleaders Watts hides behind are a disgrace & in time some will no doubt face legal consequences for bullying & harassment.

In short, Exaro have been rumbled, it’s time to pull the plug.

Mike Thomas 13/11/15


Jerome Booth: Answering questions on my support for Exaro

Exaro say there is an investigation into Darren’s claims despite Mark Watts admitting to Mr Booth he knew there wasn’t.

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Harrington/Ballard – Forger, liar, fraudster.

Computer Estates Holdings Reg.No. 02054486 (and Computer Estates 01970436) at 29 High St, Crawley, W.Sussex.

Ferrari ownership details.

Millionaire Clive in his Ferrari.

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