Zach Klein · @ZachKleinWSB

11th Nov 2015 from TwitLonger

Updated statement from Coweta County Sherriff's Office regarding death of Tommy Hanson:

On November 8 the Coweta County Sheriffs Office assisted Coweta EMS/Fire at a residence on Potts Road to an unresponsive person. Unfortunately a death occurred and the cause and manner of death is still being looked at. At this time there is no indication or suspicion of foul play. All persons at the location have been and continue to cooperate. Currently awaiting results from the medical examiner as to the cause of death.

As to Incident report #1511000246 showing the incident type as Overdose OTHER, while at the emergency room the reporting officer was part of a conversation with emergency room personnel which led this Officer to believe an overdose was a possibility. Law Enforcement acknowledges this will have to be determined by medical personnel as to the cause of death. This incident remains open while awaiting those results.

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