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11th Nov 2015 from TwitLonger

Response to Reginald

So to clear this up. At no point did I threaten Sven with a law suit. I said that we would take it further and we have. We approached RIOT to clear up the issue as I stated we would in the screenshots that Regi kindly provided... And for clarity the issues that we are pursuing are with regards to TSM's actions, not Sven's.

I took legal advise on the matter because I wasn't sure if the situation was legally binding or not. I was informed that it is indeed legally binding by my lawyers so I passed on that legal information and it's connotations to Sven and Regi. It's very sad that Regi stooped so low as to post a Cherry picked, Isolated part of a private conversation without any context.

The reason Sven's mother is mentioned is because we were talking with her every step of the way. Sven HIMSELF actually requested that everything we talked about and sent was also shared with his mother. Proposing idea that I ever 'harassed' his family is totally inaccurate and dishonest on behalf of Reginald. The only communications I ever had with Sven's mother were incredibly polite emails discussing matters such as how optimal we could make the H2K environment for Sven... and one update phone conversation in which she was very polite and appreciated my call.

We will continue to pursue this matter until it's conclusion. I am very disappointed in Regi for publicly posting about a private legal dispute.

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