My Mockingjay Part 2 Premiere Experience!

On Monday night my mum came into my room and said there was a message for me on the phone about my being a potential winner for a Hunger Games press conference. She looked really confused but I was like OMG! I ENTERED QUARTERQUELLORG'S COMPETITION! I looked her right in the eye and grabbed her hand and went "OMG! SERIOSULY!" She was like yeahh!! I called them back but got the answer phone BC it was like 8pm but I said I'd call back tomorrow. I then spoke to my dad BC he was back in work on Friday and and it would mean another night in hotel room. He said to me that it would be difficult but he would work it out and said "I can't leave London on Thursday night knowing that in his over 12 hours you could be in a room with them"

I called back before school on Tuesday and said I'd ring in my break. I rang at the back of school with a friend and the guy asked me loads of questions about my eligibility. He then said that it needed to be approved with the company but he didn't see any problems. I got off the phone and screamed at my friend and she was screaming too and hugging me! I COULD NOT BREATHE!! These thing never happen to me!!

So me and my dad drove down to London on Tuesday night and got to my hotel at about 9pm. We checked in and went to bed but I legit didn't get to sleep until 2 BC I was so nervous and excited!

We woke up at 5am and was at the tube station at 5.40. We got to Leicester Square just after 6 and got our numbers! I was 82 and my dad 83. We were told that security should be giving out wristbands at 12 noon and to stay around. We stayed with two people under the ticket booth until about 10 trying to shelter from the rain that never ended! I got Costa at 9 so I could go to the toilet. We then got kicked out from the ticket booth and went to stand with some other people who got to the square just after us.

At 11 we all got ourselves into number order and by 12 there were over 250 people there. I met some people from Twitter whilst in the queue and wristbands were finally given out at 1.30pm. We were told to go and be back by 12 noon the following day. Me and my dad went to do some sightseeing.

On Thursday morning we woke up and went down for breakfast where we saw newspapers with Jen in from Berlin! We got to London about 9.30 and went to Costa again where I had my last drink of water! We got back to the square about 10.30 and met up with some people from the day before. Just before 12 I went to the toilet for what I thought would be the last time. We all lined up in number order at 1ish and at 1.30 the girl next to me was like omg I need a wee. We were all like no don't risk it! She ran to KFC and was back in like 2 minutes! I went to see the security guard and asked if I'd have time to go to the toilet again. He said I had 5 minutes so I literally ran and nearly slipped down the stairs, I also nearly jumped over the barrier BC the 50p was taking time to register. I pegged it back and one of my friends said "omg! Are you a man!? How did you pee that quickly!" Apparently I was only a minute πŸ˜‚

As soon as I got back my dad went then another girl went. Hecame back and people started shuffling at the front of the like and the other girl got back literally as soon as we started moving! We got our freebies and were told not to run and to find a spot and stick to it. I had no idea where to go but saw some spaces in the pen to my leg. But in my moment of hesitation the people before me got the space I wanted πŸ™ˆπŸ˜” I still got a barrier spot though!

The rest of the afternoon consisted of waiting for ages whilst they sorted everything out. We saw the red carpet being put up and the posters on the barriers. It poured it down from like 2.30 until 5.30 and there was literally a sea of umbrellas! The red carpet was also drenched! But literally as soon as the premiere started it stopped!

The premiere started! We saw Francis getting out of the car but he started signing literally 5 people away from us and went the other way :( Donald came and we saw him getting out but he also went the other way :( we then saw Jon and Nina! Nina was the first person that came to us! I got a selfie and an autograph and thanked her for coming over. We then saw Natalie getting out of the car but Stanley was next to come over and he signed my stuff and I got a half selfie. Then Liz got out of the car and came over! I got a proper selfie with her and she signed my stuff! I told her that I loved her dress and she thanked me.

We then heard screams from the cars but couldn't see anyone! It was Josh but he was so small you couldn't see him as he was on the other side of the car πŸ˜‚ Liam then came as well and people were going crazy! Sam arrived but missed us out :( then OMG JENNIFER ARRIVED! She went straight to sign bless her! Natalie then came back but missed us and said "sorry guys I don't have time!"

THEN OMG! JENNIFER CAME OVER! She saw my sign and laughed! I can't really remember what I said to her, if I said anything? I might have said thank you and ily but IDEK?! Anyway she signed my sign and put a heart! And she also signed my book!

Sam then came back and we were literally screaming at him but he missed us out πŸ˜”

But then Liam came back! He signed my book but only just! Then Josh came! Omg! He is actually tiny! He signed my poster and book and was going "I gotta keep moving guys, I gotta keep moving!" I was surprised a how different they all sound when they talk irl! Their accents seem so much stronger!

Jennifer then had her interview! It was so weird seeing her on the big screen like I would at home then seeing her making the hand movements irl! Laura then came! OMG SHES PREGNANT! And Sam came back to pick her up! We saw them kiss and it was adorable!

Josh had his interview followed my Liam then they got the whole cast up on the stage! They set off the fireworks which were AMAZING!!! We hung around for a while in the pen and got some of the posters from the barriers! I got a picture by a massive mockingjay sign and headed back to the hotel on the tube!

It was the best night of my life!!

On Friday morning I woke up excited for the press conference! We got into London about 9 and went to Costa.. Again πŸ˜„πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ after buying 4739 newspapers with Jen in πŸ˜‚. We got to the hotel about 9.30am and went to the super posh toilets again!

We sat in the lobby and about 9.44 saw Donald walking around! He smiled at us but was talking to someone else. We went to the room about 10.00 and started queuing up. I THEN SAW SAM! He was walking to the lofts! I asked for a picture and he said "I don't really look my best at the minute" I was like I don't really care πŸ˜‚ Laura came up behind him and I congratulated her about the baby to which she said thank you. My dad also said that she looked beautiful in her dress last night πŸ˜‚ and she went "aww thank you"

We were then let into the room and were told that there'd be two press conferences. One upstairs and one downstairs and that the cast would switch half way through. We were upstairs and managed to get a front row seat like in front of Jen! We also got free movies and mockingjay pins!

Donald came in like 10 minutes before and was like idk where my coworkers are but I'm tired so I'm sitting down πŸ˜‚ he then talked to us all and my dad talked to him too which he loved! He asked us where we were from and when we told him Hull he was like AHHH fish! IDEK?? Haha, he also told us a very long joke about chickens which was a tad rude but hilarious! Seriously, you do not hear an 80 year old man talk about chickens and penis' πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Donald joked about hosting the press conference himself and then I heard Nina outside and saw Jen in the hall! The woman at the door told them that Donald was doing his own press conference and they looked so confused hahah! Then they walked in and OMG SHE WAS LIKE RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME!

The signs with their names on only had the names on the front facing us so when Jen walked in she was like "do we not have names? Oh wait, what?" And picked up the sign (this is important for later!) she was then like "ohh right, it's only on the other side" and sat down. Jen and Natalie kissed Donald on the cheek which was cute and then the guy started talking.

Donald said "hey, what're you doing! This is my press conference!" Jen was like "WHAAAT?" (Her voice is so much more like husky irl. It sounds amazing!) The guy hosting the press conference was like, oh yeah Donald was hosting his own press conference earlier, he told us a joke about a chicken! Jennifer looked so confused so the guy was like "I'm sure he'll tell you later"

The press conference was amazing! I can't remember all the questions because I was too busy concentrating on trying to take it all in. She was literally in front of me! She did keep coughing though and was like "I'm so sorry! I seem to have constant phlegm in my throat". The guy who was presenting it asked if there would be any other movies or spinoffs like Harry Potter. Jen went "WHAAT?! MORE HARRY POTTER?!" She literally looked like someone had punched her she was so shocked and excited πŸ˜‚

Jen also said the hardest scene was the sewer one because they were wet for 12 hours a day for three weeks in sewers. She said it was hard to keep morale up because it was so wet. Apparently she got a book out one day and Josh was like "why do you read so much?!" She said they were all really ratty!" Apparently she had to do a magazine interview after one day and she was sat there so miserable and cranky like I need wine! I can't deal with this! She can't remember what magazine because "I try to block that experience out for my own sanity" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ she also said that filming in Europe was great because they got to drink wine and beer at midday and it was normal πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Someone else asked a question about the relevance of the books irl. Jen passed the question to Nina but Nina said that she was going to give it to Donald because he's always good at these questions and starts talking about revolutions. Jen was like oh yeah! Good idea! Donald's being so quiet I forgot he was there πŸ˜‚

Donald then did a great speech about his views on the books and hopes that young people will take them on board and change the world. He was saying that we can't carry on fighting wars and we need to start taking action and reacting to climate change. He was saying that people need to realise that wars are not about fighting for peace but for profit. It was really inspirational.

At the end of his speech we all clapped and Nina went "I told you you he'd be a good person to answer the question" Jen was like "yup!" Hahah

Donald also said there's a scene at the end of the film in the kitchen where Jennifer's performance is amazing. He said all the emotion just comes out and it's so raw it tears your heart out (buttercup scene maybe?) and that the scene between Katniss and him at the end of the movie is so powerful (rose garden maybe)? Jen also joked about getting excited about assassinating Donald πŸ˜‚then said that she loves talking about that BC it really trips people who haven't read the books up and makes them really confused. Julianne was sat there looking smug πŸ˜‰

Then they asked me for my question!! I said "Hi, my questions for Jen. I was wondering which out of the four movies is your favourite and why?" She said the last one because everything comes to an end. She was looking directly at me and smiled at me!! Omg I love her so much! Her presence in that room was just beyond perfection and she is actually really tall!

The cast then left the room, Jen kissed Donald's check again πŸ™Š but Donald stayed and finished his chicken joke. He then nearly fell down the stairs flat on his face!

The boys then came in! All you could smell was aftershave πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ but it was SOO good πŸ˜‰ Sam recognised me from our picture at the lift and smiled and waved! And he also said the table was really soft!Liam also smiled at me and so did Josh!

I also can't remember much in terms of questions but I can remember more than the other one! πŸ˜‚ One of the ones that the guy asked about the sewer scene following on from the previous press conference. They all agreed it was pretty bad! Liam said that his neck was constantly on the side and Josh was like "how hard would it have been for them to make the set a few inches bigger?!" Liam also said there was one scene where they nearly died. There was a camera coming full speed at them and they had to run up to it. According to Liam if you'd have fallen then You would have lost an arm or something. Idk if that was an exaggeration BC Francis was laughing πŸ˜‚ But Francis did say that it was pretty bad. The water was warm and it smelt of diesel and there was constant explosions and smoke. Although he did joke and say "it's not just you actors that had it bad. We were all in there too!" Sam then said that they should make a ride out of it at THG theme park they're supposed to be making: "dodge the flying camera" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

One question for Josh was about how he relates to his character. He said he does in a lot of ways apart from being brainwashed (although he then went "actually maybe I have been a bit") πŸ˜‚ Then, and idk if this is true BC I might have misheard but I think he said it and my dad does too,bthat he also doesn't get strapped to a bed often and then said "well actually.." And everyone was laughing but IDEK if I misheardπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I was like ooo kinky πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰

One question was for all the cast and was about their characters best trait. Sam said that Finnick's was probably his charm and everything. Liam said Gale's was always standing up for what he believed in. Josh agreed and said that for Katniss, Peeta and Gale they have nothing left, so everything that comes out of them is themselves. Woody got the question wrong and said that similarities between him and Haymitch was being able to mentor awesome people. Stanley said that there isn't many good traits about Caesar πŸ˜‚ but probably his ability to always stay entertaining.

There was a question about how the cast all got along and this is really funny!!
Right so Francis started by saying that he was sat in the hotel one night having tea or something. And Woody, who was always a bit reckless, sent him a text with a picture of his face all beaten and scraped saying he'd fallen off his bike and cut his face. They were filming the next day so Francis was panicking and was like "man do you need to go to a hospital. Are you okay?"

Turns out Woody had got a make up artist to do his face up, which had taken three hours, just to freak Francis out πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Liam then said that Woody sent him the same picture and asked if he could pick him up from hospital. He was with a friend and it was April fools day. His friend was like are you sure this isn't April fools? Liam said "nah man. I know Woody. This isn't April fools. He wouldn't do something like this" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ and the hospital name he send him didn't even exist. Liam pretended to look at his phone and was going "it's not coming up!"

Woody also said that on every film set you hope that you'll get along but he's made great friends for life and they all really get along!

I asked my question right at the end again. I asked the same one as I did to Jen but to Josh instead. He looked me directly in the eye all the way through and answered directly to me. He said "aww man don't make me do this!" TO MEEE!! TO ME!! He said that THG is his favourite because it started everything. He was talking about the mall tours and how crazy they were bc there were like 10,000 people there and he was like "omg these guys haven't even seen my performance yet! They don't even know if I'm good yet they're still giving me all this support!" He also said that Mockingjay 2 is his favourite because it's the end and it's the biggest and everything comes together. He also smiled at me and Liam smiled as well! It was amazing!

They then ended the press conference and the cast all walked out. I asked the guy if they needed the name signs and he said he didn't think so and I could take them! I went and collected them all and JEN HAD TOUCHED HERS SO I NOW HAVE JENNIFER DNA!! OMG! And I have to agree with Sam! That table was so nice! Like velvety!

We went down to the lobby and talked to some of the press people. They all asked if I'd enjoyed it and I was like OMG YES! We then hung around the Lobby and I saw Francis!! I asked for a selfie and I got one! My dad also shook is hand and thanked him for the picture I then saw Stanley walking out of the hotel but he was too far away for me to get to him in time πŸ˜”

We hung around a bit longer but no one else came out. Eventually we had to leave and we went outside to meet some other people that were waiting for the cast. We talked to them for a bit then got back on the tube and drove home...

It was the best three days of my life! I swear to god I will never forget this!!

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