[Thai-Eng Trans] @MR_KANGGUN Kang Min Hyuk – The Real Me by OK!Magazine Thailand

[Thai-Eng Trans] Kang Min Hyuk – The Real Me

1st time with the 1st Solo of Kang Min Hyuk, the charming drummer of CNBLUE

Maybe it’s unexpected but it’s possible for Kang Min Hyuk, the cute and handsome drummer of CNBLUE who are very popular and be loved after his roles in many top rating Korean dramas such as It’s Okay Daddy’s Girl, Heartstrings, My Husband Got a Family and The Heirs. He is known as the 1st Korean drummer who succeeded to hold a fan meeting in our country. Kang Min Hyuk from CNBLUE 1st Fan Meeting in Thailand 2015 ‘The Moment’ was held by Achi Entertainment Group on 25th July, 2015.
Even though the members of CNBLUE, Jung Yong Hwa, Lee Jong Hyun and Lee Jung Shin were not here beside him like they used to come to Thailand together but Kang Min Hyuk, who left his drum sticks behind this time, got lots of support from his fans. Everyone cannot control their smiles after knowing his unique lifestyles and hobbies such as Flower Arrangement, Self Cooking and the love for his cats. Kang Min Hyuk has more charming than his being acknowledge as a musician then many one fallen for him. He may not had many chances to open up about himself to fans, but this time, OK! Magazine would bring you to know more about the smart drummer who usually smile behind the drums on the stage!

OK! : Did you prepare everything well for the 1st Solo fan meeting?

MH: I spent long time to prepare this 1st fan meeting. We often had lots of meeting. I don’t want everyone who comes to the 1st fan meeting to see me only as a drummer of CNBLUE but I want everyone to know me more in other sides then I often discussed with the team.

OK!: What is the other side you would like your fans to know you more?

MH: I usually meet our fans together with CNBLUE members as the drummer. But this time is the 1st time I can get closer to Thai fans. No matter what I show in the fan meeting, it will be the 1st time that my fans can know more about me.

OK! : What is the different between Actor Kang Min Hyuk and Drummer Kang Min Hyuk?

MH: Drummer is an important position in every band. As a drummer, I never try to be more outstanding but I love to be the supporter to our members. This is the most different.

OK!: So.. Being an actor must be more outstanding?

MH: The attractive of being an actor is a chance to discover the other side of myself which I didn’t know before. It’s also a great chance to let others to know me more too.

OK!: What’s the thing you discovered about yourself after taking roles in dramas?

MH: I discovered new thing about myself in every roles I took. For example, I got a role as boy who really wants to receive tender loving care but in the real life, I am not this kind of person because I didn’t know how to get attention. Maybe this is the only one chance that fans can see me in this side.

OK!: The real you is not the person who wants to receive tender loving care, really? Not even a bit?

MH: Not at all.

OK!: Cute guy but very shy like you.. Do you have any unexpected manly charming?

MH: I didn’t know how to answer this question. I think others can see it better than I see myself. If I have to answer.. the most manly moment of mine is.. maybe when I workout.

OK!: Are you a guy who usually keep everything in mind or explain everything away?

MH: I didn’t keep in mind and also not explain everything to others (laugh) I just let it go naturally. I am not a person who seriously thinks too much. I usually pay attention on details and carefully make decision when I work. But after work, I am a Happy-Go-Lucky person.

OK!: In an interview long times ago, you told that you never to any night club because you are not good in dancing. Are you still being like that?

MH: (Laugh) 1st time I went to a night club in 2012. People love to go there for music and dancing but it’s not my style. For me, turn on music and sing it out loud on the way in a car with family or friends, is more fun.

OK!: Most of musicians usually have Night-Life life style. How about you?

MH: I also have Night-Life life style but not same as everyone’s thought. I usually work from morning until evening or busy with daily life like going to see doctor or shopping before stores close at 8-9 pm. I go to meet friends in night time or spend the time for myself with what I would like.

OK!: Is there anything you would like to learn apart from music and acting?

MH: So many things!

OK!: What’s the thing you would like to learn it soon?

MH: I want to learn many kinds of sport.. tennis and diving..

OK!: Have you ever tried it before?

MH: No, I’ve never tried it before. There are also some music instruments that I want to learn. I have many things I want to learn. I love learning new thing but I have not enough time.

OK!: What is the way of enjoying happiness in your style?

MH: Before going to bed, I think over what I did today. If I work hard and finish everything I planned for the day, I would feel so good. I like keeping myself busy.

OK!: Don’t you want to relax?

MH: I used to think like that… but when I have time to relax after work, I have nothing to do then I feel I waste so much time.

OK!: Others looked at CNBLUE and touched with your closely relationship.. Can you tell us what the members mean to you?

MH: They are my close-friends.. my family.. like my bloodline brothers.

OK!: Now all members also have solo activities, Do all of you have many things to talk when you meet?

MH: It’s really enjoy when we are together. We have many solo activities but we usually manage our times to meet, have some dinner and talk. If we have the band activities, we cannot stop talking easily.

OK!: What’s the main topic of your talks?

MH: We usually update our lives to each others. Talking about our solo activities, what’s on our hands or update about new artists.

OK!: Beside music, do all of you have any similar interests?

MH: When we were together in dormitory, we usually played games, basketball and rode bikes together. But after we live separately, there’s not many chance to do it.

OK!: Do all of you have something very different from each other?

MH: Sure! Many things. Even in every bloodline families also have different interests. We are also the same as others. Sometimes when we talk about music and there’s something not clear, we always meet and talk about it right away.

OK!: Who is your best consultant?

MH: All members! As the leader, I mostly take counsel with Yong Hwa Hyung about works. When I didn’t know something and need someone to give me advise, I always go to him. I discuss with Jong Hyun Hyung about something happen in daily life. Jung Shin is the friend I can talk about everything.

OK!: Are you satisfy with your present life?

MH: I still not completely satisfy. I think there’s no one 100% satisfy with their life. However, I think every situations and everything in my present life is okay. I feel thankful to everyone. What I am today is because of you.

OK!: What’s your goal?

MH: When we get married and have kids in the future.. I hope CNBLUE will be still the family forever. I can feel it’s great even just thinking about it (smile)

Source : Asian Delight Column on OK! Magazine Thailand October 2015 Issue
Trans by Kelly BlueStar Boice @KellySiripoonya

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