Humiliating as it may be, I need your help.

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It is now the 29th of October and this month has been a long one. I have applied to over 100+ positions and so far I have only one company which seems to be willing to hire me. The problem I face is simply that I am a felon. Having the unique mix of skills that I do won't help me get where I need to be since all of the companies I have applied for want that big government money check. That means I have to get a security clearance which is hard if not impossible to get with a felony. Not to mention the time and expense needed to acquire one.
Kylie and I have made it so far with the love and support of friends and family plus a little bit of luck thanks to our last drive. With Kylie now working we have the money to buy the little things like diapers, wipes, formula, and basic food but until I am hired on or this contract goes through we are still very much walking a thin line. We managed to pay our electricity and keep our phones on, but have had to let the restitution and other bills pile up since moving forward depends strongly on them being active. I know many of you are facing the very same hardships we are, and while the scenario may be different its undoubtedly just as scary. If all you can do is re-tweet this plea for help then please do that, any and all help will be greatly appreciated. The goal on the page is simply there so the limit wont be effected, in total $2000 is all we need to keep up our rent and pay the back bills just enough to not drown us. This is a last ditch effort to keep us in our home so that the company interested in hiring me has the time to do the paperwork and have the meetings that will lead to my employment. If there are any questions please feel free to DM, call, or msg me in anyway you feel and I will be happy to answer them for you.

Much love and Thanks,
Higinio, Kylie, and Brody Ochoa

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