This is a very difficult & emotional post to write.

For professional reasons, I have decided to resign as a games developer for McLeodGaming. I joined the team in April 2010, and I have loved the 5+ years that I've spent working with this group of incredibly talented and passionate individuals. Despite the ups and downs, Smash Flash really does mean the world to me and I absolutely wish you guys every amount of luck with the game's future, as well as the future of all the game projects you're sure to take on down the road.

When I was 13 I couldn't have had any idea that the silly free online game I wanted to help make was going to give me the opportunities it did. Thanks to McLeodGaming, I've traveled to the United States to present our creations at huge internationally attended events on several occasions, and I've learned more about what it takes to make a game than I ever could have on my own. I've been fortunate enough to meet some of the most driven and dedicated gamers and work with some of the most wonderful people, both in and out of McLeodGaming. I have absolutely no regrets about the time I spent with this team. The ridiculous weeks of near sleeplessness as we approached a deadline, the really really uplifting and incredible moments of victory after a successful event, the countless stupid inside jokes. Fucking global changes. They all hold a special place in my heart and I can't tell you how much I'm going to miss working on this game.

And to the community... For the whole time that I was a part of it, McLeodGaming has been entirely a non-profit organization and that means that nothing we do had any meaning without the people playing the game. You're the reason we went to Apex year after year. You're the reason Super Smash Flash 2 was played by literally millions of people. You're probably part of the reason Flash didn't give out sooner than it did! It's still just entirely beyond incredible to me how dedicated you guys were to stuff I helped create, it just blows my mind. Thank you. I feel as if I was almost as close with you guys as I was with the development team and some of the best moments of my entire life were getting to talk to you about our work at MG, either over the internet or in person during my trips to the USA. Your unconditional love and support over the years has meant so so so much to me. I think I responded to almost every single e-mail I ever got from our fans, and I'm honestly tearing up thinking about how much I'm going to miss that part of being a developer. I know this is the right decision for me, but I am incredibly sorry to be leaving you guys, and hopefully you can forgive me.

Scary as this is, it's also very exciting. Thanks to my time with MG, I know that game design is what I want to do with my whole life, and there are some very real, very exciting projects being set into motion. This obviously includes 'Deep' (which is almost 3 years in the making now!), but it DEFINITELY isn't all I have lined up. I have an immeasurable amount of faith in the plans that are taking shape, and I can't wait to be able to share with everyone what's on the way.

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