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TLDR: I love my wife, don't care for drama, and thank everyone who has ever helped me. Hopefully I can give back soon.

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I have been around for a very long time and in that time came to expect a certain amount of ignorance when dealing with people online. If for instance someone was to make an absurd accusation during an argument I am more likely to ignore it and attack the logic of the argument not its content. The reason for this is because for the most part text, in the way we use it online, is mostly ignorant of feeling, attitude, and the normal things we take for granted when we interact with other humans. It is easy for someone for instance to read this in any tone they feel and from that conjure a meaning I did not intend. I often make allowances for such things when using an instant messenger or texting. It was this very misunderstanding that lead to an upward adjustment from a leaked pastebin before my trial. It had a line that read something along the lines of "never stop fighting" and while I simply meant it in the everlasting context of civil liberties it was used against me to almost land me extra time for terrorist like behavior. That being said let me first get to my point. There is tons of unhealthy anger and resentment floating around that I feel I need to address if for no other reason then to clear the air of ignorance. I won't name names for many reasons, not from fear but mainly because so many of you have changed your name from one to another that it is hard for me to keep track and asking the wife multiple times during this writing would get very annoying to us both. That being said let me start with saying something I have for a long time wanted to say.

To John and Sara, In the beginning there were rumors, lies, and straight fear being pushed around the cesspool in which we both inhabited and during that time I made the mistake of snitch jacketing you. Something that even if forgiven will always haunt me. It was the very thing that our friends and I had so very long fought for that we fell victim to. I know you understand and I know you forgive us, but It would be foul to not mention it again. I hope you two the best and expect nothing but the best from both of you.

That being said I have to rewind to the time of my pretrial, the same time that the above was happening. While we were being fed fear and disinformation the wife and I were being attacked from insiders saying I was a snitch and blaming my wife for getting me arrested. For the first part, me being a snitch, it is beyond ridiculous , the tin foil hat wearers like "Joe Hepperle - https://www.veracode.com/blog/2013/02/stolen-data-headers-from-the-federal-reserve-hack" no doubt had a hand in such lies but for those who read my openly available paperwork and had actual experience to understand it knew no shady work had happened.

For those who blamed my wife Kylie, for data that ultimately I was in charge of getting rid of, well there are few words for you. I have, over the past two years in many interviews both on the radio, emails and hand written explained that my wife had nothing to do with me being caught. On top of that, many investigators have commented on the case study that is my life and lead to the exact same conclusion I have screamed since my arrest. While the picture held the most valuable data to clearly draw a line between w0rmer and Higinio Ochoa, it was far from the only or most damming of the evidence.

For those interested in reading:




In those articles you will see that what led to my arrest, besides my constant taunting of the officials after me was a screenshot linking my two identities ( On February 12th at 1: 54 AM (the Criminal Complaint lists the time as 4:54 AM), @AnonW0rmer posted a tweet which linked to a picture presumably of his computer screen showing an error message. In the picture, there is also a Skype session running with a username of anonw0rmer logged on and another program called KVIrc with the username @higochoa logged in) and an IP from a router I had hacked into showing a Galveston locale. To those of you who still wish to push that anything but my own ignorance was to blame I suggest you do your homework. All of my paperwork from the case has been scanned in and many many many papers have been written about my case. I made some mistakes and let my persec and opsec lapse, leading to my arrest.

I have heard that various people have attacked my wife over asking for money while I was away. I have heard that it was rumored that I was left out of the loop and my wife's actions were never disclosed to me. I have heard that when I was let out I would leave her and pursue some online life in another country and surrounded by friends.

This is all fantasy. My wife has spent the whole time I was in prison fighting for two very simple things.

1. Our son to have the things he needs. Wipes, food, and diapers. Toys however were often sent, to this day he still enjoys many of them and 2. To keep me comfortable in prison. Many times she has gave up haircuts, pedicures, and clothes shopping so that brody and myself were able to enjoy what small things we could.

To those who donated to our family I owe more then a thank you because without I could not afford the luxury of learning as much as I did in prison or talking to my wife or emails. You see everything in prison costs something. Paper, clothes, food that didn't make you AS SICK as chow halls did, phone calls, emails, photo copies, and of course anything extra you were able to find. To know that someone could take offence on how someone else spent their money is beyond a foreign thought to me. If someone asked me for money who's right is it to tell me if I should give it to the person or not? More so, what type of person gets offended because someone else is asking for help no matter what the reason is? A favorite author of mine Amanda Palmer talks just about this in her book "The Art of Asking", where she talks about how " so many people are afraid to ask for help, and that it paralyzes their lives and relationships." and its because of the shaming and hateful attitudes that people bring to the table that such fear exists. I joined a community and my understanding was that in that community someone in need was always taken care of. I expected exactly what we got which was the love and charity of thousands because if it was ever brought to our attention that we could help someone we would do all we could to offer what assistance we could. This is not only who we are but the core of our relationship. I owe so very much to the community that formed around my family and in a proper post I will give a proper thanks to the many people who make up our extended family.

As for what my wife was doing, it is little to none of my business as long as she was being proper. That being said, I had an almost constant update of what the world was doing from her. We had emails and phone calls that would last literately days about this @ sign or that one was doing. You can see this in the archived blog posts I had written for freeanons. I regularly bashed ignorance, called for improvements and asked that people try and better not only themselves but those around you. What I came out to was a timeline filled with hate speech and ignorance. There are some people I don't like and will never like, but I will not make it a part of my life to hate on everything they do on twitter, my life simply has so much more meaning to it. So if you think my wife did something and you have to crazy idea that I would someone make her sorry for what she did or said, do me a favor, get over yourself. I hold her high above any pedestal you may be able to fit on. We may not agree on everything but no matter how my words are perceived or my actions taken out of context, I will always support my wife in what she does.

As for me leaving my wife and hanging out in hacker spaces and at friends houses because I was only staying with her to have a place to live. That part is true.....Come on people!! I couldn't make this stuff up if I wanted to, and maybe that's exactly why I can't seem to grasp these ideas. Why would I put myself through such craziness just to leave after all this time. Can anyone claim to have a marriage that is free from arguments? Can anyone say that they have lived a life with someone for any long amount of time and NOT had disagreements? Of course I don't agree with my wife's every thought and sure we fight as any normal couple does, but its the willingness to keep trying, keep wanting more, and keep seeking the betterment of the other that brings any great couple together.

This my dear friends HOPEFULLY, ends the very long (over 9000) worded post about some very annoying topics that sneak their way into my life every now and then. One of my first posts on twitter was that I am not here for drama, and I plan to stick to that the best that I can. If you have a problem with anything I have here, please keep it to yourself. This isn't an AMA on Reddit, this isn't a FAQ, this is me laying out for all you to read the very answers that I have already answered in many other formats. I simply wanted a post to point to in case any more craziness decides the past needs to be brought up. Thanks everyone who decided to read this.

Higinio Ochoa

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