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21st Oct 2015 from TwitLonger

The frustration of being in the public eye (even in a small pond) is everything you do or say gets scrutinized, pulled out of context, and twisted by those with an agenda.


In a video from a convention in January I talked about two or three different characters from the Spider-Man supporting cast being designed/drawn as being "superficially beautiful on the outside". That was talking about the characters' external appearance ONLY-- and NOT about them being superficial on the inside as well.

Gwen (as drawn by Steve Ditko and later by John Romita Sr.) and MJ (as drawn by JR SR.-- Ditko only drew her obscured by a vase) were both classically beautiful characters. They practically walked off the covers of the Romance comics of the day.

It's pretty much stating the obvious when you posit that "it's easy to see why Peter Parker would be attracted to them at first sight".

That's NOT saying that their characters WEREN'T well written or that they DIDN'T have depth.

The lengths people will go to bend, distort, or twist what you say-- because you made Black Cat evil, or you worked on Brand New Day, or you "killed" Peter Parker (for 30 issues before he came back) will never cease to amaze me. :-P

Internet, you just go on being the internet. You're adorable.

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