Lena Dunham · @lenadunham

20th Oct 2015 from TwitLonger

In honor of the Not That Kind of Girl paperback release, I decided to explore the themes of my book further, talking to an array of women I love and admire in order to bring you an audio collage/feminist variety hour in the form of this pod-cast: Women of the Hour. Created with my old friend Jenna Weiss-Berman, produced by Buzzfeed and the all lady pod-squad, our goal was to bring you news and wisdom you can use from women living their best life. Please subscribe if you like bad-asses, deep questions, giggling, sexual healing, Gaia life force, style, summer-camp, cute kids, the Internet and feminine power. Full episodes begin on Nov. 5 and boy are they chock-full of somethin! itunes.com/womenofthehour Love you so.

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