Since the diagnosis we've learned about a lot of promising treatments for this specific set of circumstances. Hearing "yeah the average life expectancy is 2-3 years" from your doctor is like a bombshell going off in your mind. There's a reason why people ask you to sit down before giving you bad news, it's burned into my brain, all the strength disappearing from my limbs, the feeling of having your lifes plans, hopes and dreams shatter in an instant all at once. But you get over it and you prepare for another battle, start to investigate all the options you have, put your faith in science and do everything you can both in terms of personal willpower and your bodies fitness to help those professionals give you the best treatment possible. 10 years ago this would be a swift death sentence, but that's not true anymore and there are plenty of things that can be tried to beat it back and keep beating it back. It'll get me eventually, but isn't that true for everyone? Something's gonna get you eventually. If I have anything to say about it it'll be something else at a grand old age. When I eventually do go out, it'll be like this -