So, yesterday was a fun day.

After a little doctor's visit, we went to the pizza place next door, grabbed one to go, and headed back to the car. It was raining a little, so I decided to run, to have the box stay as dry as possible. After going up a couple sets of stairs, I could see the car. I was mere feet away from it, but I stumbled; I could feel I was about to fall. And... well, I did. Hit the pavement hard. My mom caught up with me after a few seconds and helped me into the car.

I noticed my breathing wasn't calming down; I was still breathing pretty hard. At the same time, I felt like I was gonna pass out any second. Between passing out and breathing oddly, I scared the shit out of my mother, but I came to after about half a minute, according to her. When I did come to, though, I couldn't see. I was essentially blind. After a few seconds, though, I could start seeing... outlines of things, I guess. Like, I could tell something was there, but I couldn't tell you any specific details about it. Slowly, but surely, my vision started to return, but, not gonna lie, the outline vision was kinda cool to have for a little while.

Anyway, my mother did drag me to the ER, just to be on the safe side, although they're not sure why I blacked out. My mother did some research this morning, and she thinks hyperventilation caused me to pass out, and tunnel vision fucked up my eyesight temporarily. Whether or not that's true, I don't know, and frankly, I don't care. Unless this starts happening on a regular basis when I fall, in which case, then yeah, of course I'm gonna care a bit more.

I'm pretty much fine right now, though. Just have a couple scrapes and some aches from yesterday, but other than that, fit as a fiddle.

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