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14th Oct 2015 from TwitLonger

So what happened with Team Coast?

So first off I just want to say I've never been so aggravated in my entire csgo career. Seems like every time I make it into the invite/pro league there's a new opportunity for me to get screwed over by selfish people with egos and self entitlement. Last time I made it to the pro league after winning premier (Team Savage) there was drama, and then roster cuts, hades, then myself and skyler. My removal attributed to my lack of commitment (I was in school full time during this) and really I was just a dumb player who knew how to aim and didn't really grasp the other fundamentals of the game.

Took me a long time to realize that I wasn't just being shaded out, there was faults in my gameplay and I was blind to realize them. I myself had an ego and I was really apprehensive to wanting to change anything. I'm glad I was cut looking back, I took that time to go back and practice harder than I ever did previously and I don't think I would've been motivated to do so otherwise. I learned more nades, listened more intently to the caller, tried to communicate more actively, improved my movement and watched tons of demos and gameplay. Just in general I refined everything I possibly could to ensure that when I made it back to a pro level I was much more prepared and ready to compete. After all that I hopped back on a premier team mid season and won the fuck out back into pro. Probably the best feeling I've had in this game so far.

So enough about me, what's going on with Team Coast. Well first off at the end of the premier season Tvu had told us he would not be able to fulfill the time constraints to practice for pro. He moved to a backup position (despite him never really being around, even if we needed him) and we picked up stanislaw as our new 5th. Stan has done remarkable things for our team, organizing us into our roles, providing strategies and insight.

As we continued to practice we noticed a general trend in our games that involved draek (ace) was incapable of fulfilling his role (entry fragger) and just in general struggled playing as a TEAM player. Things like going for rogue frags without a teammate to trade, not anchoring positions when asked, learning set nades ect. Multiple times we collectively asked ace to review his game,
and improve on these issues. Evidently he made no effort to do so and it was happening again and again. Around this time we get picked up by Team Coast and everyone got super pumped up because who doesn't love a cool sponsor to rep.

They offered to bring in a coach to assist us in preparing strats and practicing. ScrunK comes in from Germany, and really steps up to aid us in correcting glaring issues within our team. Time goes on he takes clear note that ace is causing issues and spends time 1 on 1 with him to help him fix things. Scrunk is the kind of guy that will spend hours and hours just throwing grenades around an empty server, preparing youtube videos with commentary reviewing our play. He's very passionate about the game and does everything possible to help us.

Despite Scrunk's best efforts, ace did not take this time to improve. We as a team met and unanimously decided our best option going forward would be to move ace into a backup position and pick up a new player. Ace accepted this decision and willingly moved to backup. Jeremy approached us asking if we wanted to try Scrunk out as the new IGL, and to allow stan to focus more on fragging.

We were very apprehensive since Scrunk would be playing with 160ping.. but we tried it anyways and had a decent showing against Cloud9 for ESEA. Things were working better with ScrunK comms were way better, and we were much more organized. Moving on, we were contacted by Legija (ex-mousesports player/G2Kinguin Coach) that he was interested in playing with us. We had no issues with Drawsoul (Chris) previously, he's a great guy and fulfilled his role on the team.

We felt like a player like Legija is too experienced to pass up, so we contacted Chris ahead of time to let him know that we wanted to try Legija out for a few scrims. Chris did not take this well (I don't blame him), told us to shove it and then cut all ties from the team.

Soon after Stanislaw is removed from the roster, ace approached us saying that he believed stanislaw had been manipulating everyone into removing people off the team. This was not the case, all decisions made were unanimous and as a team. When we moved Ace to backup, he still had leadership on the ESEA roster. He has had leadership since the roster's existence and we had no intentions of taking it away from him. We gave him the benefit of the doubt that he would be mature enough not to throw a hissy fit and start removing people. We were wrong.

We have contacted ESEA about this situation but they stand by their rule that 70% of the roster must be in agreement to change the leader who've played 30% of the matches. So pretty much, we had 3/5 (me, stanislaw and invert) which in all other leagues is 60% and is the majority, but since ESEA's rule does not allow this, we have no way of getting leadership and making the roster changes that we originally planned on. We added Scrunk after the season started so they have 3 changes left. Draek removed stanislaw off of the roster and re-added Tvu so that's 2 left. So in order to keep their spot, it will have to be, Draek, Drawsoul, Tvu + 2 others.

Leaving myself, invert and stanislaw without a roster.

To Ace: You may have been on this roster from the start but that doesn’t entitle you to be a selfish half ass player who relies on your teammates do all the work. You don't accept criticism, you don't work on your issues and you have no work ethic. You're the selfish type of player who wants high stats and to be the mvp of every game. You would not be in the pro league if it wasn't for the rest of us and frankly you don’t deserve to be in it anyways.

To Chris: I really enjoyed playing with you it's unfortunate you misunderstood the circumstances. If we wanted to be "shady" individuals we would have been doing this all behind your back, not being completely upfront and transparent about the whole situation. I’m pretty shocked you would rather see a pro spot go to waste just because you gave ace your “word” and wreck it for everyone else.

To Coast: Don't really know what to say, I guess it was fun working with you guys for the time being. Sorry things didn't work out because two individuals had to ruin the experience for the entire team.

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