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13th Oct 2015 from TwitLonger

PC Management to Xbox Support: A change of Role.

I wanted to wait to announce this for the Paradigm 24 hour Live stream, but the casters during the ESL stream leaked it early.

I was given the chance on the weekend to be the support player for Paradigm's Xbox team. After trying it out and winning the quarterfinals today in the ESL Qualifiers, I decided to follow the chance to get to the Smite Invitational with Paradigm. Today we Qualified for the ESL LAN.

I want to thank JusTus for the support they've given me over the last few months. This move has nothing to do with them and has to do with me wanting a chance to prove I can play.

I will no longer be managing or coaching JusTus and will stay as a coach to Dire Wolves in the OPL. I am PDG Tank on Paradigm and played today in the semi-finals to decide what teams go to LAN in the UK ESL Studios in November which we Qualified for LAN. I will be changing my name to PDG Ruler on Xbox now that I am officially part of Paradigm.

Our team: Jeron, Hydra, Viperz, Kaajee, and me. Dazer is our coach and Zimpstar & Lydia are our managers.

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