Tech Industry Sexist? Or Not?

[UPDATE: Reposting this as I didn't catch I accidentally added a underscore to Ed Boon's Twitter tag and I don't want it to be wrong when read.]
I love this debate! Whenever I stated the industry isn't sexist I almost always get the same argument from several people. That argument is: "It is sexist because where I work only has 3 women!" No, you morally offended sap, that means your company is sexist. To say the industry is sexist means you would have to ignore @amy_hennig and the women who have succeeded at making a career in this industry

To claim this industry is sexist is spitting in their face and the women who work everyday making games (be them writers, directors, artists, sound tech, etc.). I can already hear the ignorant cries of "they only succeeded because they internalized misogyny". That makes me want to embrace my "toxic masculinity" and knock you upside the head.

You don't like #GamerGate or gamers? Fine, we are used to it as we have been spit on by media, politicians, and the morally offended who blame everyone and everything for their problems except themselves. You want to attract more women to tech fields? Then here is an ingenious idea, focus on the women who are already in the field and bust their butts everyday doing what they love. The reason women don't want to get into the fields, and we won't focus on lack of interest, instead we will focus on the fact that the media, instead of praising women that are in the industry and showing women that could mentor and motivate ladies growing up to be interested in the field, the mainstream media and whiny radical feminists want to focus and run articles proclaiming the industry is sexist. The media and these leeches of life are to blame for the industry being so bad. What woman, in her right mind, would read articles claiming an industry is sexist and women are treated like crap, and go "Well, sign me up!"

I'm a nobody in the industry. I'm just a hobbyist game developer that makes games in my free time that I like to play. I've never published anything I've made because of one fact, I'm not seeking popularity or notoriety. I'm not looking to be the next @noobde or @therealsaibot or @therealcliffyb or any of the other well known and recognized names in the industry.

I've stated it before, if I want to make a Tomb Raider-esque game where the protagonist is a double d-cup woman clad in bra and panties who can jump superhuman heights, then I will make that game no matter what the morally offended cry about it. If you don't like it, then it simply means you aren't my target audience and can go about your day because I won't change it for you.

Video games are an art form, like or not, and as such is protected under the United States Constitution. They are the ultimate form of free speech and freedom of expression. I've seen social justice warriors and games media flat out threaten indie developers with ruining their careers in the industry if they don't follow their agenda of censoring games. I've seen them brag about how they have the AAA developers in their pockets due to fearing for their careers. So why am I not scared of them? Simple, I don't have a career to ruin so I can happily tell all these people crying the industry is sexist and that the games are sexist and must be changed to cater to their politically correct views to kiss my white cis male neckbearded privileged ass and have a nice day!

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