Update on my situation.

Hey Guys,

First of all thank you for all of the support that everyone has given me so far. Proving that I can still bring a team to LCS is something that I expected of myself in spring and I am satisfied that I met that Goal. I couldn't have done it without your constant support and I'd like to thank everyone who has encouraged me. It's the best thing about my job (along with winning :D).

For the people who are actively following my career and what I'm doing, I'd like to give a little update.

As of 01/10/2015 I have terminated my contract with G2. Why have I done this?

Primarily, I haven't actually taken a break from working for something like 3 years now. I am mid way through my 1-3 month break. I have neglected too many things in my personal life in these 3 years and it's time to catch up on a few of those things. Family and Friends need to be a part of my life and part of the reason I am where I am is due to their support. I owe it to them in a way.

When I return to work, I want to be fully focussed knowing that I don't have that "debt" in the back of my mind. It is very important for me to give back to those who have given to me.

Why have I terminated my contract?

To be honest I'd like some flexibility in what I'll be doing. Should I receive a dream offer and I'm bound to my contract, I'll potentially lose that opportunity. I am grateful and thankful for everything G2 have provided for me so far. People really need to look past Carlos as a player and as an Owner. They are 2 completely different people and I have had a fantastic time working with him.

Ultimately I want to win. There is nothing I love more than winning and I will not commit myself to something not knowing exactly what'll happen next split. November will be a huge time for many teams.

Does this mean I'm leaving G2?

No. I'm just leaving my options open. G2 will naturally have to negotiate a new contract with me which was probably going to happen anyway. I will do everything to be at worlds next year and whoever matches my terms best while meeting my needs will be the team that I am with next split. That could be G2, that could be someone else.

G2 is probably the best organisation that I have worked for so far on an all round basis.



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