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2nd Oct 2015 from TwitLonger

.lizzyf620 has to defend her story to White Knights. Par for the course

As Seen on Reddit:

I don't want to get in the middle of this circle jerk, but since everyone seems to be doing the disinformation thing, let me point a few things out.

1) I was NOT a source of Liz article. In fact, she uncovered some things I wasn't even aware of. But everything else is spot on. When you treat people poorly, fire them - or they leave etc, you can expect them to talk to the media. That's how it works.


2) NO source is going to reveal their identity. Especially in this industry where they will be immediately blackballed from ever working again. Anyone who thinks that Liz is going to reveal her sources, is a fool.

3) If some of the Glassdoor reviews match what Liz wrote, then it stands to reason that the reviews were legit. Seriously, that's just pure common sense.


4) Liz has already stated that they vetted the sources and two even offered to reveal their ID, but the site opted not to reveal them anyway. That was a good decision for them because I'd hate to see them get burned over something that's going to crash anyway. There is no glory in that if you have bills to pay and a family to care for.

I hope that RSI/CIG do something stupid like take legal action because that's just going to then put those sources in a deposition - under oath - and make things worse.

That aside from the impending (anyone who thinks this is not happening, clearly isn't paying attention) legal and Fed action over this project.

I am going to say it again: This project is FUBAR and there is NO coming back from that.

I have staked the rest of my career on it, and I'm going to stand firm on this conviction because I know that I'm right. A LOT of us in the industry and who are/were attached to this project in some fashion or another, know a lot more than the public does.

This too shall pass. Until then, we ride the storm. Me? I'm used to it. None of this fazes me.

That is all.

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