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This wasn't an answer for the public, for those in doubt, for the press. This was a show to keep the whales happy and available to be milked. Playing the fanboy hero, as always. This was just a pathetic try to demonstrate that he is in the same page of the ridiculous arguments of die-hard fans, which he knows that at this point are the only ones who are accepting to be milked, with their heads buried in the sand.

If you read the statements of Roberts, you will learn that all the accusations, taking as grain of salt or not the testimony of ex-employee fits actually, with their accusations. He is just a shady man, doing whatever is possible to gather as more money as he can for whatever personal venture/objective that he wants, from a project that he knows that is unsustainable, after releasing WHATEVER over-delayed game, even that be just a shell of his promises! Period.

The guy basically talks like SC is not possible without him, in the CEO role taking crazy decisions and misusing the backers money, while keep his wife (finally he admit in public what hidden for so long and banned people for ask) in the queen position.

Chris Roberts says:

"Or see how he treats people who dare to write a bug up on his current “game.”,

Ok, Mr. Roberts, so Derek is the evil, but you forget to say that he does not hide his temper from his customers. They know who he is. They know that they can expect anything from him, to treat you well, unless you treat him well too. And at the cost of such honesty, he pays having a bad reputation, but still, he is honest. He does not use a mask, hiding himself behind, for money.
Meanwhile, Sandi and you are fine, are good people, great heroes... WHILE... people treat you like Gods, or do not suggest improvements in any area sensible of your business, specially if that could mean less money in your pockets... and you promised to treat people like "publishers", to respect them like "publishers" and then, that's your way to respect: http://s21.postimg.org/4h9w2la3r/Capturar3.jpg?

" even today she’s the only dedicated marketing person at the company, for a game that has raised almost $90M for its development solely through viral marketing, word of mouth and PR. "
meaning... solely through misleanding many people too. Nice Roberts, nice! lol

"Every time a game studio shuts down every outlet and commenter is quick to lament the state of the game industry. "

So. What happened with having the money to finish the game regardless if the funding stops or not? Because, now, suddenly "The Escapist" article is going to lead CIG to bankruptcy? How? Even if all stopped to give any dime, didn't you say that the game would be completed regardless?

"a platform that almost every publisher ignored or pushed crappy console ports to"...

WOW... bad mouthing mates of the industry? And you were hypocrite enough to criticize others for that? What happened? Wasn't just Derek Smart the evil terrible person who is going to bad mouth the job of the others? Now you decided to be evil too, with people that are not even involved on this mess?

"987,217 members of our community."

How you have the balls to complain and accuse other of lying, when you mislead even the press? These are not members. These are accounts. Thousands accounts are multiple! Several individuals have a lot of accounts. Several have no backer and were collected just to be given away for people that never would give you a dime. I mean... several! I would be suprised if you were able to demonstrate more than 300k individuals who bought and still have a copy of your game. And if that is the case, my guess is that 90% does not even follow you, watch your shows or play your bugged tech demos, used with the main purpose to motivate more cash grabbing.

"Secondly, the company uses additional sources of funding such as tax incentives, marketing and product partnerships, but we do not discuss these issues in public for obvious reasons."

Wait? What obvious reasons?

"We always keep a healthy cash reserve and operate our business prudently based on the incoming revenue."

WOW... does he not know what that means? that he is violating his deal/advertising when saying that? That he told that the money would be spend in the development and to make it faster? He fails to see that saving money for cash reserves is not putting into the development? Suddenly all those millions simply did not matter, because, the game progress only will advance depending of "revenue" What a freaking shit mindset is that, for a project that should be just be done because was paid, and not been hold for the revenue of the next month, otherwise will not advance? WTF Roberts! You told that all your dreams could be made by 6 million dollasr. 20-23 was the top. And now you claim this shit? Holding the money that could be used to hire artists to make the ridiculous quantity of art, models and all that, which has been missing?
So you are just that mason who will delay and delay the construction, just to get more money along the time? Yes. This is your con. And its clear.

" I would say that there’s a large amount of people that also didn’t have these concerns. "

Well... 1-3% of the backers are buying ships and making these millions so... well, what about the rest? The majority? They are not paying you all the time and are not buying your stuff. So, you basically don't care that the majority don't make that or what that could mean? You told that people answer with their wallets. Less and less people answer with their wallets each new day. So yeah! Nice try! You think that people are dumb.

"If you refer to the stretch goals you will notice that the base goal was enhanced community content (delivered), alpha dogfighting module (delivered) and Squadron 42 (in progress). That was the base game as described."

He does not know even what he described as the base game! LOL "The purpose of the higher stretch goals" and what part of this, he is unable to understand? Have you read your own Kickstarter description Roberts? (also the same in their original blog?) tell me how many lines exist about Squadron 42 and the multiplayer alpha and how many lines are about the PU... and then let's talk about not been part of the original idea that should come out in 2 years.

Regardless, have you noticed that we are about to achieve 3 years? And all that you made was a shell of an alpha and shows, and Squadron 42 we have no idea when its going to come out? And don't you know, as an experienced CEO, that you can't be ambiguous or mislead the public when advertising? Explain all that you want. If it can't be interpreted in a different way, you are done. And clearly, by your new statements, you LIED that time.

"but even the first release will be more “game” than most commercially released space games."

Hi Frontier, how are you? Hey Braben... Have you listened to this? This is the guy who promise things that you actually do! lol

"We have nothing to hide and are very confident in our ability to defend ourselves against anything he may try to bring. But my bet is he won’t - he’s full of hyperbole."

So stop the hyperbole and drama and deliver an independent accountability to tell us that you are not doing wrong. Prove us wrong! Why to bother 8 hours of your day to write that wall of text, when you could spent the same hours just to invite a forensic and independent accountability paid by Derek Smart, to show that nothing wrong happened with all this money? You complain that he should spend more time making his game. So why now you are losing your time, claiming that have nothign to hide, but making this fight, exactly to try to hide? And if you have nothing to hide, why you changed that clause to enforce people to do not ask refund?

Seriously! Look to the mindset of this CEO. He denies issues. He refuses to answer the questions and claims having nothing to hide? Why he changed the TOS? Wasn't that a disrespect, a shady tactic to keep people's money that would not be ok on waiting for longer?

Chris Roberts just proven that he is so ridiculous as the worst of his fanboys. And that's why something must be done. People can play like that with the crowdfunding and just asking for people to ignore and watch it to fail, just because is convenient to he make his money and then point fingers and letting the damage to the industry to deal. Burning to the ground the genre, and the crowdfunding trust, because his ego and the ego of the queen bee.

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