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1st Oct 2015 from TwitLonger

Nobody doxed Chris Roberts. It's a deflection tactic

1) I have never disclosed any identifiable address for the Roberts family. I don’t know where they live, and I don’t care.

What appeared in one of my blogs, is a real estate "for rent" listing. It contains NO identifying information about the Roberts.

This was a tip sent in to prove that they [Roberts] were using backer money to live a life of luxury; while having not delivered any materials as promised to backers.


2) I have never – ever – posted anything about their children. Anywhere. It’s not something that I would ever do. That aside from the fact that I have a child of my own.

The Sept 28th Twitter post did not come from me. It appeared in my Twitter feed. This person posted it from PUBLIC records available on www.imdb.com where Sandra herself posted them since her daughter is a child actress. The impetus for this being the fact that they have tried very hard to conceal their marriage from backers who gave them $90m in cash. Now people want to know why.

Original Tweet:


Archived location of the material Sandra posted and which appeared in the Tweet above once
it was discovered.

Facebook post (public):


IMDB page (public):


Photoshoot (public):


Also, those same children appear in a PUBLIC Star Citizen pitch video from 2012. See below @ 00:37. We have also archived this for evidence.


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