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29th Sep 2015 from TwitLonger

RUMOR: Star Citizen Situation Deterioration

"key personnel in Austin were told to move to LA with no raise or GTFO"

Given notice to terminate:
Jeff Zhu (couldn't find linkedin)
Jeff Uriarte
James Wright

Also, breaking news! They signed a lease on a smaller office space in Arboretum in Austin. So they are getting rid of the current space and downsizing to LiveOps and some QA only.

"They have told people to sever communication with ex-employees and friends. They have IT globally going through the whole companies skype logs and email and documents to find dissenters. This is more and more like a cult everyday. Apparently some of those let go were found to have emails, skypes, or documents that showed they weren't "fully supportive of the company or management" It is a fucking cult"

"They plan on revealing the whole cast list for SQ42 at cit con which is dumb because it will just prove you were right that they spent 8-11 million on the mocap. Think about that 1/8 of the total budget blown in 66 days for some cut scenes for episode 1 of 5.

And they will have to shoot more to finish episode 1 and do pickups."

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