Coach Chris · @RiftCoach

25th Sep 2015 from TwitLonger

On Xmithie & our bootcamp

First of all I want to personally thank everyone who has put massive amounts of time and effort into trying to fix what we thought was an unsolvable travel issue with Jake. To have support from RIOT, PesPA, politicians, our management, and our fans makes an unspeakable difference to our team.

Our coaching staff was informed on the 17th that we would likely be able to secure a visa for Jake to compete in group stages at worlds. We proceeded accordingly and he was able to play the majority of our remaining scrim time in Korea.

I just want to take a moment to assure everyone that this bootcamp is a drop in the bucket compared to the months of intense training we've had this season. Our NA Championship was not won off the two weeks prior to playing at MSG, it was won after many months of focused practice. So while it is unfortunate that these events have impacted our bootcamp we will be going into Worlds with the confidence that the totality of our hard work is what has made us Champions. We are the 1 seed in our group - the expectation should be that we perform as such. See y'all in Paris, vive le #faithage

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