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24th Sep 2015 from TwitLonger

Dear @lwalsh @koretzky @Nero @TheRalphRetort @Sargon_of_Akkad
As you may know already, Randi Lee harper, among with others of her clique, were asked to help "prevent online abuse" by and for @google ideas. Unberknownst to @Google, These people who are known-abusers and multi-recidivist harrassers online, did not wait 24 hours to show their true colors,

This time, without any provocation, Randi Lee Harper provoked Derek Smart, then blocked him.
Randi's Initial claim - https://archive.is/KqKcX

Unable to answer to her, and facing Randi's followers going at him. Derek Smart made an olive branch for her, asserting he failed to understand the motive behind her behavior, but that he will defend himself against her lies if needed.

Derek's Answer - www.twitlonger.com/show/n_1snh5b2

Randi Lee Harper then immediatly claimed to have been THREATENED by this answer. Slandering Derek Smart, causing her follower to insult him, She also explicitly told Derek Smart. < "Don't. Contact. Women. That. Have. You. Blocked." >.


Randi Lee Harper is the one who provoked Derek Smart, blocked him. And now she can use her connection within Twitter's Support community to attempt a BAN toward Derek Smart, for breaking the TOS of twitter about talking behind a Block.


This is Bullying. She is a known harrasser and @Googleideas made a huge mistake, hiring a clique of abusers like her and her friends to fight online violence.

She didn't wait 24h to brag about it and went against people, once again claiming to be the victim of threats that she created out of thin air.

I can't support @Google decisions to let that happen without checking any of these people's background. They are all friends supporting each other. They will not stop the harrassment.. they ARE the harrassers, and you just gave them a platform.

@Googleideas #Googleabuse

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