Haru*hana Magazine: Lee Jong Hyun's hastags Q&A

NOTE: All ROUGH trans base on magazine, not 100% accurate. ALL CREDIT: Suri416

Q: the favorite space or section inside your home
A: Living Room. It's the most spacious, there is amp too, playing guitar, practicing, composing, I do everything. I think that the man's House who is Living alone is clean. It's not the case that my House is clean, but because I don't like to clean up so I don't leave my House untidy (Smile)

Q: Please boast about your pets
A: I'm rising two pets Shiro and Tan. Shiro is white so I named her Shiro (shiroi = white), Tan is black tanning so I named him Tan (smile).
When I'm sleepy, they become nuisance, there's smell problem too. But since they are cute, I forgive them.

Q: Compare each CNBLUE members with colors
A: YH is gold, JS is black, MH is white. I heard before that those are the colors that members like. I'm green. The color that I like. Since everything is in good condition, now I feel fun and I enjoy the works too.

Q: Thing(s)/someone/people that yearning eternally, dazzling and shinning like supernova
A: for example, Gandhi, Che Guevera. I think people who defend/act what they said are amazing. Couldn't human being/people easily carry their words? Myself is still long way to go (to carry his words/to act as he said already). It's not excuse coz I'm still young... It's an excuse right? (Smile)

Q: please tell about bts of composition
A: I like gloomy with melancholy love atmosphere, at home, I made it on purpose at this kind of time. It was the song that born at that time. It was Made In the completely dark Room, only light one candle, around 3-4 AM in the dawn. Of course, later I corrected a little bit, but generally it was made in one night

Q: in drama, playing role as a vampire beautifully. How was filming?
A: it was fun/enjoyable. Acting is still up there since there's no time/flexibility, it's good that there's nervousness. Feeling of long time ago, spirit of feeling young again (Smile)ใ€‚Feeling Happy to be able to meet lovely co-stars.

Q: when tie hand, which hand do you use?
A: maybe right hand. I'm right-handed, since my habit to use right hand.

Q: use three hashtags (#) for advertising this album
A: #CNBLUE #colors #extremelygood #pleaselistenitalot
I do it since it's advertisment but This is embarassing, isn't it? Doesn't Everyone put hashtag a lot on purpose? Why? Honesty, I think that.. I'm weird (Smile)

Q: when doing song composition, lyric writting, when is the best time period or in what condition that a song is born easily?
A: midnight. I like quiet/silent atmosphere. There's 'lying Down and getting up' too when I make it. "Lucid Dream" was made in the Middle of drama filming since there is No time and there is No other way. I don't like spend time with uselessness, can not stay still. "I should do" type of person

Q: from "Daisy" song lyrics. Scents that you like?
A: I wonder what should I say.. I like sexy scents. I can not express it well.. Erotic scents? (Smile). I also like parfume with this kind of scents.. ๐Ÿ™ˆ๐Ÿ™ˆ๐Ÿ™ˆ๐Ÿ™ˆ


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